Photography books II.

Mihaela Noroc: The Atlas of Beauty

This 32-year old photographer from Bucharest has been travelling all around the world in the last couple of years to take pictures of beautiful women. Singapore, France, Brazil, Iran, Tibet, Ecuador, Myanmar and Mexico are just few of the places she has already visited. According to Mihaela’s Instagram, she is currently in India to ‘explore the unnoticed beauty which lies in people around us’.
She also tells stories about the women she photographs. What it is like to be working as living statues in Ukraine? What it is like to live with a birthmark on your cheek? What are the days like in a refugee camp? These stories reflect not only the situation of women, but also the world we currently live in. What we only consider today an anecdote will become history tomorrow.
I just ordered this book, can’t wait to hold it in my hand!

Follow Mihaela on her journey:
The Atlas of Beauty (Official)
The Atlas of Beauty (Instagram)
The Atlas of Beauty (Facebook)

Three ingredient pancake

What happens if you are craving for something sweet but have no time to make anything?
What happens if you are on a diet but still… pancakes?

I have a simple solution for you.

These are the ingredients of this very healthy, sweet and very fast to make pancake recipe:
– 2 eggs
– 1 banana
– 1 pinch of cinnamon

Mix all the ingredients together, make sure to smash all the banana pieces. Then put some oil into a frying pan and a small portion of the mixutre into that. Your pancake’s diameter shouldn’t be more than 7-8 cms. It gets ready very quick, so be careful. Bake both sides of the pancakes and you can eat it with whathever you want (jam, Nutella, chocolate sauce, fruit, honey). The recipe will be enough for 3 small pancakes.

Bon appétit!


Elle Hungary shared my picture!

I’m starting Monday with advertising. Not exactly what you are used to from me, right? But I have to.
It all started on Friday, when I was waiting for my train and just finished the book I was reading, so I decided to buy something at the newsagent’s. My favourite magazines has been Elle and Marie Claire for a long time, but this month’s gift made me choose easily. April’s Elle issue comes with a classic novel! How cool is that?! Readers can select from Antal Szerb’s Journey by Moonlight, Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and The Scarlet Letter from Nathaniel Hawthorne. I was not in the mood for Heathcliff’s sufferings, and I already saw the Hungarian novel’s adaptation in the theatre. So I went with Hawthorne.

Why does it make me happy?
I’m always glad to meet initiations that make people read more, because I think reading is becoming less and less popular with each year passing by. So I’m supporting everything to make reading cool again.

Wishing all of you a great day full of stories! 🙂

This is the one I posted on Instagram today:

And their respost:

Daalarna Fashion Show 2018

On 13th April I attended my very first fashion show ever. Hungarian designer Daalarna – Benes Anita introduced her new collection, Sunset. Here is the campaign’s trailer:

This show attracts many fashion lovers every year, so me and my friend bought the tickets when at the exact moment they became available. Normal tickets cost 5000 HUF and VIP tickets were 15000 HUF. First we we went for the normal ones, but at the end of the show we decided to go for VIP next year. 🙂
There were two shows that day, one at 16 pm and one at 20 pm. The gates for the second show opened an hour earlier, so we got there at 19 pm. A huge line was spiraling already but it moved very first. After our tickets were checked, we got an armband and could enter the main room of Millenáris in Budapest.
The catwalk was surrounded by sand to imitate the beach scenes that appears in the trailer. There were 6 rows of beautiful white seats, the first 2 were reserved for VIPs. After securing two seats for ourselves we went around to check out the panels. Dilmah, Vöslauer, Catrice, Air France, Omorovicza Cosmetics were present giving away free stuff. We drank pink Rosé champagne and ate some very fancy swallow-sized food and went back to our seats.

Daalarna stage

The show started with the Sunset Collection’s trailer and then with 40 minutes of awesome music and beautiful dresses followed. First the evening gowns that were mainly blue and purple, then the wedding dresses. Lace and pearls appear very often in Daalarna dresses with flimsy skirts and beautiful detailing. The models’ hair were made like they just got out of the ocean and their make up consisted of sparkly crystals.

At the end all of the models came out together surrounded by applause and the designer herself came out as well.
After the show people could pose with models and in front of a poster.
Everyone got a gift package while going through the gates to get outside. It contained a Vöslauer water, a Catrice mascara, a Persil sample and the contact information of the panels’ owners.

I loved this show very much, can’t wait for next year! ❤

Daalarna official website

The Three Chocolatiers

Now is the time for me to tell you a little bit more about my true identity.

(*Serious and very meaningful pause…)

I am a member of an ancient and royal group called the Three Chocolatiers.

Now I’ll let that sink in.

With only one little exception. There is only one member, that is me, but I promise you that my love for chocolate is worth of three people’s. What did I learn through these years that were full of hard work? I’ve been through a lot. I saw the dark side of the chocolate industry. But I can’t say more about that, because if I did, I would have to… you know. So let’s stick to the positive things that won’t get us into trouble.

May I present you to the best chocolate brands on Earth?

The first Hungarian chocolate factory was founded by Frigyes Stühmer in 1868. His business grew fast and he had shops in Paris and Vienna too. Stühmer is famous for its vintage packaging, very good quality chocolate and traditional Christmas candy they realesed in 2014. It is the first company that has an official tasters club.

We have all heard about this Swiss company before, but did we know they produce Kitkat and After Eight? (Yes, I’m that minty type.)

The Swiss seem to be up to something! What makes many children around the world thinking cows are purple? Only the world’s most delicious chocolate bars can do that.

The best!!! Nor more comment needed.
Ps.: Switzerland again… I should spend more time there.

They produce Ferrero Rocher, Raffaello and all kinds of Kinder chocolate! The company (that produces 365 000 tonnes of Nutella a year!) was founded in 1945 by Italian confectioner Pierre Ferrero.

Caramel cups with nougat cream and one hazelnut and a chocolate button on top. This is genius!



Minimalist lifestyle means protesting against the consumerist society we live in by reducing the objects that surround us to a minimum. This idea became quite popular in the last couple of years and it promises freedom from the burdens of shallow lifestyle.

Let’s see first, what are the adventages of living a minimalist lifestyle?
– By learning how to avoid the influential power of advertisements, you will be able save money and be more eco friendly.
– Less things mean less cleaning!
– You are ready to focus on the important things rather than objects tying you down. Travelling, sports, whatever you like.
– You will learn to live with only the things you really need.
– You will be able to pack lightly when travelling.

I admit that I’m very very very far from living a minimalist lifestyle (and I honestly think I’ll never be able to do it properly), but there are certain things I want to embrace from this lifestlye. Now come closer, dear reader, the following can be helpful to you too:

1. Before buying anything, make a pros and cons list in your head before deciding to pay for it. Buy the things you really need or fall in love with instead of buying something because it’s currently on sale, or because ‘you can wear to somewhere someday’.
2. Do regular decluttering ceremonies in your house twice a year (or more often, if you want to!). If you haven’t used something in the last months, you are not really needing that item. Think about clothes and shoes that don’t fit as well!
3. Throw everything away that expired (including food and beauty products) or are broken and can’t be repaired.
4. Rethink your beauty products and toiletries. One shampoo (and one spare if that bottle gets empty) should be enough.
5. Don’t be ashamed if you don’t like the things you get from friends or family members. Instead of beating around it in the house forever, try to find a new purpose or a new owner for them.
6. Invest in one better quality item instead of 5 cheaper ones that don’t last.
7. Start reusing, refilling and repairing things.
8. What about multiples? Do you really need 3 headphones?
9. Get rid of free and commercial stuff.
10. Let’s admit that sometimes we judge buy the cover. Bought a book but didn’t really like it? Give it to a second hand book shop.

Good luck on your journey to freedom!



Never ending succulent love

When someone asks me about having any pets, I always answer: ‘No, but I have 12 succulents.’ The truth is, I liked them way before they were cool!

Succulents are plants that can contain water in their thick leaves, roots or stems. This means they are capable to survive dry weather conditions. Although they are originally from Africa, America and Australia, they became quite popular in the last deacades while they are very easy to take care of. Succulents have many families but the most popular ones are cacti, aloe plants, crassula, agaves and some people even count orchids into this species.

I have many reasons for loving them.
First of all they are such grateful plants! They require watering only once a week (make sure not to over-water them, because that can lead to their death). They like the sun, so their ideal place would be on the windowsill.
They grow slowly, so they don’t take much of your aparment, even if you have a lot of them.
They don’t get pests or any kind of illness.
They don’t have to be replanted.
They come in various shapes, sizes, colours, with or without flowers, so anyone can find his or her favourite. Christmas cactus, crown of thorns, panda plant… even their names are cool, aren’t they?
As all plants, they produce oxygen and purify the air, so they are beneficial to your health too.

Here is the newest member of my succulents family, it is called ‘Buddha’s Temple’: