Short Barcelona videos

On my journey to Barcelona I recorded some short videos to capture what photograps can not. They seem very popular among my followers, so here you are:

The beautiful and monumental church I have ever seen: Sagrada Familia, GaudĂ­’s masterpiece:

Also made by GaudĂ­, Casa BattlĂł:

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya:

And last but not least, Barceloneta beach:

Barcelona II.

In this part, I’ll write about the other sights I saw in Barcelona. They are not related to GaudĂ­ but they certainly are worth a visit!

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (National Art Museum of Catalonia)

Since 1934 Palau Nacional serves as an art gallery and is now one of the largest museums in Spain. It has a Romanesque, a Gothic, a Renaissance and a Modern collection (with Picasso and DalĂ­ pieces as well). The current additional exhibition shows the work of Ismael Smith, an artist from Barcelona and is called The beauty and the monsters.

Mercado de La Bogueria (Market)

The most popular market of Barcelona can be found while walking along La Rambla. It specialises in fresh fruit, sweets and seafood. It’s the perfect place for a daily smoothie!

The dock

After you bought your smoothie, keep on walking on La Rambla, until you reach the Columbus Monument (it is 60 meters tall, you won’t miss it!) and the dock. Surrounded by palm trees and seagulls flying very close to you, you will get the ultimate summer vibe.

Sant SebastiĂĄ beach

It is basically the end of the coastline, but if you are looking for a more peaceful beach, this one is for you!

San Sebastian beach, Barcelona

Barceloneta beach

Barcelona’s oldest and most popular beach inspired Cervantes to write a fight scene for Don Quixote and the Knight of the White Moon. If you spot the Wonderwoman building, you are at the right place!

Barceloneta beach

Barcelona I.

First of all, I would like to start with GaudĂ­’s buildings in Barcelona, because they are the most unique sights I have ever seen. They are all part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Antoni GaudĂ­ was a Catalan architect, who lived between 1852 and 1926. He became the symbol of the modernist movement and his name is now inseperable from Barcelona.

‘There are no straight lines or sharp corners in nature. Therefore, buildings must have no straight lines or sharp corners.’ /GaudĂ­/


Sagrada Familia

GaudĂ­ dedicated his life to work and faith. This project took him almost 43 years! By buliding his masterpeace, Sagrada Familia, he wanted to demonstrate God’s grace, so he was given the name, ‘God’s architect’. The cathedral was built both in Gothic and organic style and has a cruciform plan. It’s now under reconstruction, but this doesn’t influence its popularity.

Make sure to buy your ticket first, or it will be impossible to get in!

Parc GĂŒell

It was built between 1900 and 1914 and named after a businessman, Eusebi de GĂŒell, who assigned GaudĂ­ to build it. It reflects his naturalist phase and full of organic elements. It consists mainly of gardens and buildings (one of which is the Barcelona City History Museum). Its symbol is the mosaic salamander, el drac (the dragon).

Anyone can see the park freely, but to enter the terrace with the mosaic benches, you have to buy a ticket (and do this in advence too!).

Casa BatllĂł

Passeig de Gracia was a very fashionable place to live in 1900, that’s why textile industrialist Josef BatllĂł ordered GaudĂ­ to renew the house he bought for his family. Inside you can find the Noble Floor and a museum. The roof of the building looks exactly like the back of a dragon.

Like Sagrada Familia and Parc GĂŒell, Casa BatllĂł is extremely popular among tourists, but the ticket is very pricey (28 euros, while the ticket to Sagrada was 15).

Casa BatllĂł, Barcelona

Parc de la Ciutadella

This public park was designed by Joseph Fontseré, but legend sais the young Gaudí helped to build the main statue as well. It is surrounded by the Parliament of Catalonia, the Museum of Natural Science and the zoo.

It was the only place I didn’t have to pay for in Barcelona. On a warm Saturday morning, it serves as a home for playing children and yoga lessons. It’s worth a visit!

15 things I learnt about Barcelona

This July I spent 6 days in Barcelona with a friend of mine. These couple of days made me adore this city and now I have the desire to discover other parts of Spain as well. Here are the most important things I learnt about it:

  1. Barcelona is the second largest city of Spain.
  2. It is the now the capital of Catalonia.
  3. It is the largest and most popular city of the Mediterranean coastline.
  4. Legend sais Barcelona was founded by Hercules. Although other sources suggest, it was founded 400 years later by the Romans. We may never know, but it surely  became part of Kingdom of Aragon in the Middle Ages.
  5. The most beautiful, creative and popular buildings in Barcelona were all made by Antoni GaudĂ­ in Art Nouveau style. Sagrada Familia, Parc GĂŒell, Casa BatllĂł, La Pedrera and Park de la Ciutadella are must see attractions!
  6. Barcelona has 9 UNESCO heritage sights, most of them are GaudĂ­ buildings.
  7. Las Ramblas is the perfect place to find souvenirs.
  8. If you have the chance, go to the market, Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria every day, because they sell amazing smoothies and fresh fruit, and daily liquid and vitamine intake are very important!
  9. Famous people born in Barcelona include Joan MirĂł, Daniel BrĂŒhl and Álvaro Soler.
  10. Barcelona is the hometown of the famous football team, FC Barcelona. The Camp Nou Experience include a tour and a museum dedicated to the team.
  11. Ed Sheeran loves Barcelona so much, that he wrote a song about it to his new album, Divide.
  12. Catalan people doesn’t like to be called Spanish. They are currently fighting for independence.
  13. You can find paella in most of the restaurants (and other seafood as well). But if you are not into that, almost all of them serve pizza as well.
  14. Cliché or not, everybody should taste sangria!
  15. No doubt that the best Spanish dessert is churros! It comes in many forms, my favourite was the one filled with Nutella!

My very first flight…

… wasn’t so bad after all! But ‘Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.’ /The Sound of Music/

In the past 24 years I managed to escape flying. Not only because I have a healthy fear of hights, but also because I dread plane crash. My father used to say: ‘If you are travelling by bus or train and it breaks, you can walk. If your boat goes wrong, you can swim, but if your plane crashes, you will never learn how to fly’. (Yep, it didn’t help either!) Although I’m sure it’s not genetic to fear of flying, beacuse my mother is a pro plane traveller. (I’m not sure it’s a real word…)

But this year, my friend and I went for a vacation together for the first time and we wanted to go to a nice place neither of us knew very well, so we chose Barcelona. The distance between Hungary and Barcelona is not ideal for a train ride, so we bought our plane tickets. I decided it was time to face my fear like Batman and sunk into a deep resignation, thinking: ‘OK, this is going to happen.’ It wasn’t a slavic carnival, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. During airport security, I didn’t get a colonoscopy, my seat was just fine, there were not turbulence, and it only took 2 hours to get there! When we landed in Barcelona, I just realised, it’s not the first time I feel this way. Whenever I’m facing a great challenge in my life, the first time I was teaching, my state exam, the first job interview… if I make all the preparation, things just happen. Those 2 hours on the plane passed like any other 2 hours.

I want to thank my best friend, Linda, for encouraging me to take this step. I think she was more excited about this than me. 🙂

So I hope this experience opened my eyes to new adventures and maybe yours too! 🙂

On my way to Barcelona

Salvador DalĂ­ exhibition in Szeged

Due to the 10th anniversary of REÖK Palace in Szeged, it hosts a great collection of litographies and etchings of the surrealist Catalan artist, Salvador Dalí. The pieces of the exhibition came from the Gallery of Art in Prague, which I saw a couple of years ago on a trip. So obviously, I was pretty excited to see this artwork again. I always admired him, not only because he was a extremely talented artist, but also because he built his empire like a true genius.

The 60 pieces contain not only the master’s work, but also Portrait of Salvador DalĂ­ by Josef NĂĄlepa…

Josef NĂĄlepa: Portrait of Salvador DalĂ­

…and my greatest discovery of the exhibition: VĂĄclav Chochola! I always loved this photograph of DalĂ­ holding an egg, I even have it as a badge on my bag, and now I got to know, who took it! When I got home, I searched for the internet for more information about this photographer, and I found some very amazing facts. He was born in 1923 in the Czech Republic and he started publishing his photos (mainly of sport events) when he was only 16 years old! He studied photography in Prague and had his first studio in 1943. He took pictures of people like Louis Armstrong, Marcel Marceau and between 1968-1969 also of Salvador DalĂ­, when he repeatedly went to Paris. Chochola unfortunately died in 2005 but his daughter and grandson became photographers as well and they are handling his inheritance.

“Every morning when I wake up, I experience an exquisite joy — the joy of being Salvador DalĂ­ — and I ask myself in rapture, what wonderful things this Salvador DalĂ­ is going to accomplish today?“ /Salvador DalĂ­/

Amazing people IV.: MatSan

Last year as I was preparing my one month journey to Poland, I tried to learn some useful Polish phrases, and I found MatSan’s channel and I’ve been a fan since that. Mateusz from Poland and Sansan from Taiwan share their experiences on being in an international relationship, cultural differences, their mother languages, but they still make time for some fun videos as well. Introducing the fourth guests in my interview series, the cutest couple, MatSan.

Mateusz and Sansan a.k.a. MatSan

Lady Fraise (LF): How did you meet and how long have you been together?
MatSan (MS): We met during Sansan’s first visit to Poland (it was an internship about teaching), then we met at a friend’s party. We have been together for 4 and a half years and living together for 3 years. Because at the beginning we were having a long distance relationship.

LF: Sansan, what it’s like living in Poland?
Sansan: Poland is a very beautiful country with pure Polish culture and people. And in some perspective Poland share similar feelings with Taiwan, so it’s really nice living here.

LF: What it’s like to be an international couple?
MS: Very interesting! Every day we are learning something new from each other.

LF: What are the adventages/disadvantages?
MS: Advantages: you will never get bored with this relationship as there are many differences and you are always learning from each other. And having a partner from different race/country makes you more special as an individual. Disadvantage: When it comes to some specific topics (investing your own money, marriage or educating kids), it is difficult to find a common solution. We need more time to have agreement than other people.


LF: Why did you start making you Youtube channel?
MS: We always liked to share our life as cross culture couple on our private Facebook. Then one day we had the idea: why not share it by YouTube so more people around the world can hear about our experiences? So that’s how we started.

LF: Do you have specific plans with it in the future?
MS: We want to be full time Youtubers for the future  As it is really interesting to make videos and honestly it’s way more fun than staying in the office.

LF: Do your families watch your Youtube videos?
MS: Yes.

LF: What do you like doing together in your free time?
MS: Drinking beer, travel somewhere, reading books near a beach side or in the park, cinema, YouTube.

LF: What is you favourite place in the whole world?
MS: For the place we have visited, will be Budapest.

MatSan in Budapest

LF: What would be your ultimate dream destination?
Sansan: Iceland.
Mateusz: Russia, Moscow.

LF: What did you learn from each other?
Sansan: I learned how to be more relaxed after I’m with Mateusz. I’m the kind of person who likes to plan everything in advance, I’m always being nervous and in a rush. But European’s lifestyle and tempo is way more relaxed, now I pick this up and I really enjoy it!
Mateusz: I love the way Sansan is pushing me to do things in our life… Before I met her I was so lazy, and now I have to say I changed myself to be more up to dealing with things. Also I used to be a home-life person. After I met Sansan I became very up to traveling.  I feel like every single day of our life should be experiencing new things!

Check out their Youtube channel for interesting and fun videos: MatSan Channel