Household remedies for a cold

Don’t worry, mummy, I’m not ill, I just want to pass on the knowledge I acquired all these years!

Although the weather was getting better and better the last couple of weeks, it was snowing again in my town and it became kind of frosty. It didn’t care that I wanted to put away my boots, but breathed ice into my face and went away laughing… I’m not going to give up the fight now, I wear warm clothes and do some of these things as prophylaxis.

First of all, it’s important to drink a lot while being ill to stay hydrated. Warm (but not too hot!) tea is the best solution.
There’s no need to add sugar to it (you probably won’t be able to taste anything anyway!), but if you really want to something, that should be honey. Honey alone is also a great idea. It’s viscosity is so high that it cleans the throat well.
Citrus fruit are full of vitamin C, so have as much as possible of orange or lemon. I usually put a juice of half a lemon into 0,5 l water, it’s very refreshing. Or you can try mixing the same amount with 2 teaspoons of honey together.
There is a vegetable that contains even more vitamin C, and that is paprika! This is actually how Albert Szent-Györgyi, a Hungarian Noble-Prize winner discovered vitamin C in the first place.
Another secret remedy I learned from my grandmother is garlic! Reprobates and the desperate can try mixing it with with lemon and honey.
And finally, chicken soup can also come handy in time of need. Even when you lack appetite. Try adding pepper as well, because they cause warmth in your throat.

Smoothies for president!

In the last couple of years I’ve became very fond of these super yummi and healthy drinks. Although I’m making them quite often at home, smoothie heaven can be found at Mercato La Boqueria in Barcelona. Coconut, mint, watermelon are just few of the flavours I tried. They were very refreshing in hot summer days and I hope I’ll come back someday for more.

Here is my personal favourite (and super easy) smoothie recipe:

– 1 apple
– 1 orange
– a handful of red berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc.)
– juice of half a lemon
– 2 dl water or some ice cubes if it’s summer

What to do next?
Wash and peel all the ingredients, and cut them into 2-3 cm peaces. Then put all of them into a blender and mix them for 30 seconds.
Yep, and that is all! Amazing, isn’t it?

Why are smoothies great?
– they are made of natural ingedrients, that means they are rich of antioxidants, vitamins and fibers
– you don’t need sugar or honey to make it sweeter
– they are great if you want to lose weight, train or just want to lead a healthy life
– lactose intolerant people can drink them as well unlike shakes
– it’s easier to drink this amount of fruit or vegetables than eating them separately

New Budapest photos

Last weekend I went to Budapest to visit a friend and I didn’t want to miss the chance of taking new pictures of the capital, so I went to River Danube between Margaret Bridge and Chain Bridge to photograph the Parliament with the statues around it.

Hungarian Parliament Building

Located on Kossuth Square the Parliament Building was built in neogothic style in 1904 by Imre Steindl. It is 268 meters long and 123 meters tall and was built only from Hungarian building material. Inside visitors can see the Holy Crown surrounded by the coronation jewelry, Settlement of the Magyars painted by Mihály Munkácsy and the changing of the guards. Fun fact is that Freddy Mercury liked the Parliament so much, he wanted to buy the building in 1986 when he came to Budapest for a concert with Queen. He was performing in front of 75 thousand people and he was so kind that he learned a Hungarian folk song, Tavaszi szél (=spring wind).
The statues I took photos of around the building are of the Count István Tisza Monument, Attila József’s statue, Lajos Kossuth’s statue and the Hungarian Museum of Ethnography.

Shoes on the Danube Bank

‘To the memory of the victims shot into the Danube by Arrow Cross militiamen in 1944-45’-says a memorial tablet next to the bronze statues. The horrible story behind it is that the victims had to stand alongside the river before being shot, but they had to take their shoes off, because those were of great value at that time. The statues were created by Gyula Pauer in 2005 and they attract a lot of people. There are always candles and flowers next to this heartbreaking memorial.


My language history with tips

My English story
It started before I was actually born because my mummy was listening to English during her pregnancy. I try to think it has to do something with my talent for languages. My first memories with English are from kindergarten when we learned short tales, verses and songs like Jingle Bells. I remember playing the main role of the duck mother in one of our performances (and the Kindergarten Academy Award goes to…). Then I entered elementary school and my parents put me in the English devision. It continued till the end of high school. I did my basic language exam when I was 14, the intermediate level when I was 16 and advanced level at 18. They couldn’t have happen without the help of my father whom I consider my true language teacher. At University I attended a semester of medical English and then I was not learning English directly, but it remained a part of my life through books and movies. After finishing medical school, I was offered a 4-month job of a medical translator that I’m currently doing besides my actual job of being a doctor.

My German history
When I entered high school, I wanted to learn French, but I didn’t have the opportunity, so my parents and I chose German instead. Some people might consider German harsh, but I liked that it has rules and it was the language of Mozart and Beethoven. I was studying it for 4 years and I did my intermediate language exam right before university, when I was 18. Learning German 2 times a week was not enough, so my father helped me during summers. I attended 2 semesters of medical German, that was very helpful and I spent 10 weeks in Austria with internships.

My French history
I was always very passionate about learning French, though it hasn’t happened yet… I started getting to know it with watching Youtube videos and using Duolingo. With Duolingo I learned some words and phrases, but it gave me only passive knowledge, that means I recognise the meanings of some words, but it’s extremely hard to make full sentences. When I’ll have more time, I want to go to a teacher to help my dream come true.

I consider someone great in a language when he or she doesn’t have to think during talking. I only have that with English. Here are the things that I consider very helpful when it comes to learning languages:
– watching movies, series and Youtube videos in that language with no subtitle! (or if you really want them, let them be in the language you want to learn)
– reading articles, magazines and books
– have a penfriend (I had a German penfriend and it was great that I had to force myself trying to make up the grammarly best sentences for a native speaker.)
– go abroad (it doesn’t have to be England if you are studying English! I spent 1 month in Poland with 30 other foreigners and our chosen language was English, because that was the only language everybody understood.)
– write a blog in English.

25 things I learnt in 25 years

Charm is more important than beauty.
If you give someone a smile, it will be insanely hard not to return it back.
Take time for your family, your friends, to eat and to sleep.
Be brave but never reckless.
You can never reach perfection, but if you do your best, you don’t have to worry.
A reader lives a thousand lives.
It doesn’t matter what somebody says, but who sais it.
Green tea in the morning is always a great choice.
Destroy your enemies with a smile.
All flowers are perfect.
Never stop believing in the goodness of humanity, but never forget the things that already happened.
Be charitable with compliments.
Music can express emotions the best.
The right clothes give you confidence.
Discussing your problems with your best friend and a cup of tea is very useful.
Remember to be grateful for what you have.
Let go of the things that are not worth caring about.
There is no such things as a coincidence.
The true beauty of the world lies in colours.
There are always two sides of the truth.
Travelling teaches you to be more open.
We didn’t inherit the Earth, it was only lent to us from our grandchildren.
If you want to make sure that something will be done, you have to do it for yourself.
You will know a person completely after you lived with him.
You have only one health and one life.

Best fashion movies of all time

  1. It has to be The Devil wears Prada! It takes place at the editorial office of a fashion magazine, Runway and its boss is played by Meryl Streep, whose hairstyle inspired a lot of women when the movie appeared. Anne Hathaway has to adapt to a whole new lifestyle and decide what are the most important things in life. Paris Fashion Week, photoshoots, amazing dresses… a classic!
  2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s dresses take an honourable place at the history of fashion. The little black dress, the beige trench coat, the pink coctail dress and a man’s shirt worn as a nightgown became classics.
  3. Coco before Chanel commemorates how Gabrielle Chanel became the world’s most famous designer. Beginning with a wild woman, who refused to wear a corset and decided to wear pants for riding a horse. She revolutionised the fashion industry.
  4. Sex and the City 1 and 2 are not exactly fashion movies in a serious manner, though we can not avoid them with the amount of Manolo Blahnik’s and designer dresses appearing in both of the movies.
  5. Funny face is about a girl who works in a bookshop and suddenly becomes a model even though her face doesn’t seem to fit in the current beau ideal.  The main characters are played by Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire.
  6. Yves Saint Laurent, who first became the assistant of Christian Dior kicks the doors of fashion with his haute couture collection. His best friend and his muse also appears in the film who followed his career from the very beginning.
  7. Coco Chanel from 2008 is a biography based on the designer’s life. The elderly Chanel, who narrates the whole movie is played by Shirley MacLaine.