Chimera, the cat

All my life I only had one pet. A turtle called Louisa. She had a very chill personality and was a great listener. Sadly, our lives led different ways after three years spent together in happiness. Since that I’m in a sorrowful and petless condition. Only my grandmother’s cats can chear me up. May I present you to Snowball? Or as I call him in my head, Chimera, which is so much cooler, right?

Chimera in Greek mythology was a very scary creature composed of more than one animal parts. Chimera means something else today. It’s in connected to genetics and it means that ‘a single organism composed of cells with distinct genotypes’. So two embryos that fused together, making animals (in this case a cat) look like it’s two different patterns. The most famous chimera cat of the world is Majestic Venus, who has a green and a blue eye, her fur is brown on one side and black on the other.

Genetics can play some funny games. My Chimera is different and he is beautiful.


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