Amazing people I.: dó-ri

‘Often a single experience will open the young soul to music for a whole lifetime.’       /Zoltán Kodály/

She not only runs half marathons in her free time, she dances salsa and swing, and still has to time to be a doctor. Let me introduce you the first person of my interview series, my favourite singer of all time, dó-ri:

Lady Fraise (LF): After listening to this, noone will believe me if I say, you never learned how to sing. But indeed, it’s true. How did your love for music start?
dó-ri (D): It comes from my parents. My father used to be a radioman during university, so as a child, we often listened to music together. Once he bought a Casio piano for Christmas. He learned how to play the violin when he was little, and after that he started playing the piano as well. I really enjoyed this and tried to imitate what he does. Then I took piano lessons for 10 years.

LF: But you can also play the guitar, right?
D: When I was 14, I got the cheapest guitar in the music store with a book called Guitar School, and I learned from that. This Hungarian song captures my ars poetica about playing the guitar. It says ’Two chords are enough because I don’t know more, Two chords show that you need nothing more than fun to play a song.’

LF: That ’s very impressive! Do you have original songs?
D: Yes, I wrote one about mayflies (Palingenia longicauda). After emerging from the water, they live a very short life, but their hatching attract many tourists in June. It’s very popular in Szeged. And I also have an other one, One night, one day with my friend from France, Stéph.

LF: Is it true you’ve also been invited to X-Factor?
D: Yes, but I don’t really like being told what to sing.

LF: Then what is your aim with your Youtube channel?
D: I want to inspire people to play music themselves. Or just bring a little music to their everyday lives.

LF: Well, she certainly inspires me in so many ways. 🙂

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