Fun facts of Budapest

Throughout the years I’ve been to Budapest many times. I always like spending time there because I can breathe the history in on every corner while walking down the street.

Here are 10 fun facts about the Hungarian capital:

  1. Budapest is a cultural, political and economical center.
  2. 20% of Hungary’s population (2 million people) lives in the capital.
  3. It’s history reaches back to the celtics, who founded the city. Then the Roman Empire ruled this region. The Huns only occupied it in the 9th century.
  4. It existed in two parts (Buda and Pest) until 1873. It was almost named Pestbuda.
  5. There are 14 birdges over River Danube. They became the symbols of Budapest.
  6. Freddie Mercury liked the Hungarian Parliament so much, he wanted to buy it.
  7. You can find the hand of our first ruler, St. Stephen in St. Stephen’s Basilica. The Holy Right leads the parade on 20th August.
  8. It has many thermal baths, so it’s quite popular among tourists.
  9. There is a Columbo statue in the middle of the city.
  10. Budapest also has a Statue of Liberty. A woman holding a palm frond can be found on Gellért Hill.

Here are the places I especially like in Budapest:


Click here to find out more about Budapest!

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