Hungarian Seaworld

Tropicarium and Oceanarium Budapest
37-43. Nagytétényi Road, Budapest
Opening hours: Open every day! Monday-Sunday 10:00-20:00
Tickets: 2000-2700 HUF

Although Hungary doesn’t have actual seas, there is a place in Budapest where you can easily learn about the animals living in the ocean. The ‘zoo’ introduces the Hungarian fauna side by side with tropical and sea animals. It currently has 7 sharks and 400 different species of fish. It is the place where you can pat rays and see sharks swimming above your head. In the rain forest room you can also observe how alligators spend their days and every Thursday at 15 o’clock you can see the feeding of the sharks by two zoologists. In addition, there is a room full of exotic birds and sagoins.

I have to admit that I have already been here more than once and I’m still amazed by the colours of the sea animals and often get excited in the gift shop. 🙂

Click here for more information!

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