Amazing people II.: Ourwanders

If I were appearing on How to be a millionaire and a question about national parks would come up, I know who I would want to call. No, not the Ghostbusters. A Hungarian couple, Bea and Csaba are conquering the world in their free time while being software engineers in their everyday lives. They spent a whole year in America but their list of dream destinations just grows with each year passing by. Their descriptions are so accurate and their pictures are so beautiful, it feels like they are making their wanders our wanders.

Swiss Alps

Lady Fraise (LF): What is your next destination?
Ourwanders (OW): We take short trips whenever we can but our next big adventure is going to be Iceland this summer. We are planning to do a road trip all around the island and we can’t wait to explore its amazing landscapes, canyons, waterfalls, glaciers and fjords.

LF: What is your favourite place in the whole world?
OW: It’s always the place we’ve just visited. 🙂 Even if we try hard to answer we could only name different kind of favorite destinations. Like our favorite cities in Europe are Barcelona, Vienna, Prague and Dubrovnik. Then San Francisco and New York in the US. California has a very special place in our hearts and we love the American Southwest and Hawaii, too.


LF: What would be your ultimate dream destination?
OW: Since we’ve first watched The Lord of the Rings it’s New Zealand. So this dream is actually much older than our relationship. New Zealand seems almost unreachable because it’s so far and so expensive. But it also seems like a paradise from another world and we won’t ever give up on our dream of visiting it.

LF: Why did you start travelling in the first place?
OW: Let me answer with a short story. When George Mallory. a mountaineer was asked “Why did you want to climb Mount Everest?” he just answered “Because it’s there”. Our answer is kind of the same: the world is so big and beautiful. How could we not want to explore as much as we can?

LF: Is it hard to balance your jobs and everyday life with travelling?
OW: Sometimes it is, but it’s not impossible. If something is important, you can make it happen – and travelling is important to us. Having full time jobs means we can have limited number of days off per year so we could only pick a few far-away destinations each year. On the other hand, we use the weekends to explore our own country, Hungary and others countries that are close enough for shorter trips. It makes us realize again and again that we don’t need to travel far to find fabulous places.

LF: Is there anything you can learn from travelling?
OW: Sure, we always learn something. We’ve learned much more about history, architecture or nature during our travels than we’ve ever learned in school in the first place. And the more we travel the more curious we become about the world. But we have other kind of lessons, too. Like finding our way in an unknown place, handling unexpected situations or interacting with different kind of people. We learn a lot about ourselves and each other on the way.

LF: Why did you start your website?
OW: We wanted to share everything we experienced on our travels and we hoped it could be an inspiration for all the adventurous souls out there. Also, we want to show that travel is reachable and it can be a part of everyday life. An amazing part.


LF: How was your year in America?
OW: Two years have already passed since we moved back to Hungary and we are quite sure that the year we spent in the United States is one of the most significant ones in our lives. That was our first year after we finished our studies and that was the year when we really started travelling. We probably changed much more during that one year than in the previous five. We also visited places we only dared dreaming about previously. Likely it has a lot to do with California and the Silicon Valley spirit but we started to believe that we can reach whatever we want. It takes time and hard work but nothing is impossible.

LF: What is the one thing without you would never ever go on an adventure?
OW: Each other. 🙂 But seriously, we spend the most time together when we travel and our adventures help strengthening the bond between us. Other than that, we’re not going anywhere without our camera.


Follow their journeys on their official website.
Get a daily travelling photo on Instagram.
Check out their Youtube channel.


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