Pack like a pro

On Monday I’m leaving for my new adventure, my thirteenth country, Slovenia and I thought I would share the most important things I learned about packing through the years.

First things first: make a check list not to forget anything!


  1. Always check the weather forecast beforehand and prepare at least one outfit for colder weather.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes, but also bring a nicer ‘party’ outfit.
  3. If you are travelling by plane, check what kind of suitcase your ticket allows you to bring, because that may limit your options. And don’t forget to weigh your luggage!
  4. Use the so called rolling technique with your clothes. They won’t be wrinkled and you will spare space in your suitcase.

Skin protection

Unfortunately my skin is fifty shades of white, so I always have to prepare for sunburns. My tips for people with sensitive skin are:

  1. Buy your sunscreen at a pharmacy!
  2. Take some hydrating cream with you in case you get sunburnt! Aloe vera and chamomile are great to soothe your skin.
  3. Bring a straw hat with you as well!
  4. White coloured clothes reflect the sunlight.

Medication and allergies

  1. If you take any kind of medication regularly, bring more of them than your trip lasts. If something happens and you are stuck abroad, it won’t be easy to have more of it.
  2. If you have any kind of allergy, don’t forget to bring antihistamine!
  3. Bring some painkillers too, they may be useful!


You might think that bad things can not happen to you on your short vacation, but that is not true! You can have appendicitis in Barcelona, it’s not optional! So always have an insurance before travelling! They don’t cost a lot, and it will make you feel safe. It’s highly recommended for European people to have a European Health Insurance Card.

Other useful things

  1. A pair of small scissors and a sewing kit can save the day!
  2. Earplugs can be useful during your flight or in the hotel.
  3. Pack some plastic bags as well!
  4. If you have a tablet, it can function as many things: computer, camera, book, communication system.
  5. Always leave some space in your suitcase or backpack because you will definitely buy some souvenirs.

And last but not least, enjoy every second of your journey! 🙂

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