15 things I learnt about Slovenia

Tomorrow I have to say goodbye to this beautiful country, hopefully not for eternity. Here are the things I learnt about Slovenia this week.

1. Slovenia’s population is only 2 million people.
2. Its capital is Ljubljana and its second biggest city is Maribor.
3. While Piran is basically a small Venice, Portorož reminds people of Monaco.
4. The current FLOTUS is from a small town called Novo mesto.
5. Unlike Hungarian castles, their Slovenian neighbours are in perfectly good condition.
6. Confectionaries are hard to find, but there is ice cream on every corner.
7. Slovenian youngsters are able to wear jeans and long black trousers in 30 degrees. For me, that counts as a superpower!
8. Slovenian people are nice and always ready to help. Most of them speaks Italian or German and a little bit of English.
9. There are bakeries everywhere.
10. Hydrangeas can be found everywhere in the country. They can be used as indicators: in acidic soil they have blue flowers while in alkalic it’s pink.
11. Churches are usually not open for visitors.
12. I was not bitten by any mosquitoes which is a miracle, because it seems, everywhere I go I’m their favourite snack.
13. In bigger towns, you have 8 seconds to cross the street. Nobody can do it, not even bikers, but drivers are patient.
14. There are bike roads everywhere.
15. Slovenia is not cheap but definitely worth a visit.

The following weeks I will post about all the cities I visited in Slovenia (with photos, of course): Maribor, Ptuj, Postojna, Predjama, Piran and Portorož. So stay tuned! 🙂

Click here for more information about Slovenia!

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