Amazing people III.: Travelling Weasels

They weaselled their way out of the rat-race and since 2013 they are full time travellers. They’ve already been to 39 countries but their wanderlust doesn’t seem to end. Laura from England and Tanbay from Germany manage to live as a lot of us only wish for. Introducing the third guests of my interview series: the charming Travelling Weasels.

Travelling Weasels in London

Lady Fraise (LF): What is your next destination?

Travelling Weasels (TW): Hungary!!

LF: What is your favourite place in the whole world?

TW: Hungary of course!! We also love Japan. And also the Philippines, Thailand, Canada, Slovenia, Vietnam, Portugal and Australia!

Travelling Weasels in Australia

LF: What would be your ultimate dream destination?

TW: It was Japan, it still is I think 🙂 also South Africa, and Peru.

LF: Why did you start travelling in the first place?

TW: We were looking for a way to live rent-free.

LF: How do you manage financially to travel all the time?

TW: We make enough money from our blog and YouTube channel through advertisements and sponsors. As our blog and YouTube have grown we’ve also received more things for free: hotel stays, travel products, restaurants meals and, most recently, flights and train travel.

LF: What do you think you can learn from travelling?

TW: Everything!!!

Laura: I studied at university for three years, but learnt more about myself and the world in just three months of travel.

Travelling Weasels in Iceland

LF: Is it challenging to be to together all the time? I’m sure you saw each others ups and downs.

TW: When we were first together we lived in different countries, never saw each other and hated it. Even when we started living together work and university meant that we still hardly ever saw each other. It’s such a blessing to be able to see each other all day everyday 🙂

But yes we have seen each others ups and downs – e.g. once, one of us was taking a shower, the other one suddenly had awful food poisoning and had to run in and use the toilet. #truelove

LF: Why did you start your website and youtube channel?

TW: We started our website to make money and to be able to continue travelling 🙂 We started our YouTube channel for fun and to make us do more interesting things.

Is it hard to learn Hungarian?

TW: It is and it isn’t, it’s fun to learn which makes it easy, it’s so different which is interesting, but also hard! It’s like starting from scratch.

Travelling Weasels in Budapest

LF: What is the one thing without you would never ever go on an adventure?

TW: Each other.

LF: What would you say to young people who also want to be full time travellers?

TW: Do it! It’s the best decision we ever made.

LF: Will you ever settle down permanently?  

TW: We think so, but we have a long way to go – so many more places to see!

LF: When and where are you planning to get married?

TW: We almost got married this year in Vegas, we’re not 100% sure we even want to get married, we love each other and will be together for ever, but we’re not Christian and we’re not really capitalists so we’re not sure if marriage is right for us.


Follow their journeys on their official website.
Check out their Youtube channel.
Watch their latest photos on Instagram.

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