Poland IV.: Gdańsk

I saved my favourite Polish town for last. Why is Gdansk my favourite? It’s because I’m quite obsessed with towns that has a seaside. I only saw seas 4 times in my whole life (in Italy, in Spain, in Slovenia and in Poland), so whenever I’m around them, I try to enjoy every second of it. At the end of a long sightseeing day I like sitting back and just stare at the sea. It makes me wonder and peaceful. And of course, I’m shelling! (Yes, I even have my own word for my never ending love for shell hunting!)

Here are the top 10 attractions of Gdansk:

  1. Old Town
  2. Sopot
  3. Piwna Street
  4. Jelitkowo Beach
  5. European Solidarity Center
  6. Museum of the Second World War
  7. Neptun’s Fountain
  8. St. Catherine’s Church
  9. Amber Sky Gdansk
  10. Gdansk Glowny Railway Station


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