Amazing people IV.: MatSan

Last year as I was preparing my one month journey to Poland, I tried to learn some useful Polish phrases, and I found MatSan’s channel and I’ve been a fan since that. Mateusz from Poland and Sansan from Taiwan share their experiences on being in an international relationship, cultural differences, their mother languages, but they still make time for some fun videos as well. Introducing the fourth guests in my interview series, the cutest couple, MatSan.

Mateusz and Sansan a.k.a. MatSan

Lady Fraise (LF): How did you meet and how long have you been together?
MatSan (MS): We met during Sansan’s first visit to Poland (it was an internship about teaching), then we met at a friend’s party. We have been together for 4 and a half years and living together for 3 years. Because at the beginning we were having a long distance relationship.

LF: Sansan, what it’s like living in Poland?
Sansan: Poland is a very beautiful country with pure Polish culture and people. And in some perspective Poland share similar feelings with Taiwan, so it’s really nice living here.

LF: What it’s like to be an international couple?
MS: Very interesting! Every day we are learning something new from each other.

LF: What are the adventages/disadvantages?
MS: Advantages: you will never get bored with this relationship as there are many differences and you are always learning from each other. And having a partner from different race/country makes you more special as an individual. Disadvantage: When it comes to some specific topics (investing your own money, marriage or educating kids), it is difficult to find a common solution. We need more time to have agreement than other people.


LF: Why did you start making you Youtube channel?
MS: We always liked to share our life as cross culture couple on our private Facebook. Then one day we had the idea: why not share it by YouTube so more people around the world can hear about our experiences? So that’s how we started.

LF: Do you have specific plans with it in the future?
MS: We want to be full time Youtubers for the future  As it is really interesting to make videos and honestly it’s way more fun than staying in the office.

LF: Do your families watch your Youtube videos?
MS: Yes.

LF: What do you like doing together in your free time?
MS: Drinking beer, travel somewhere, reading books near a beach side or in the park, cinema, YouTube.

LF: What is you favourite place in the whole world?
MS: For the place we have visited, will be Budapest.

MatSan in Budapest

LF: What would be your ultimate dream destination?
Sansan: Iceland.
Mateusz: Russia, Moscow.

LF: What did you learn from each other?
Sansan: I learned how to be more relaxed after I’m with Mateusz. I’m the kind of person who likes to plan everything in advance, I’m always being nervous and in a rush. But European’s lifestyle and tempo is way more relaxed, now I pick this up and I really enjoy it!
Mateusz: I love the way Sansan is pushing me to do things in our life… Before I met her I was so lazy, and now I have to say I changed myself to be more up to dealing with things. Also I used to be a home-life person. After I met Sansan I became very up to traveling.  I feel like every single day of our life should be experiencing new things!

Check out their Youtube channel for interesting and fun videos. 🙂

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