My very first flight…

… wasn’t so bad after all! But ‘Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.’ /The Sound of Music/

In the past 24 years I managed to escape flying. Not only because I have a healthy fear of hights, but also because I dread plane crash. My father used to say: ‘If you are travelling by bus or train and it breaks, you can walk. If your boat goes wrong, you can swim, but if your plane crashes, you will never learn how to fly’. (Yep, it didn’t help either!) Although I’m sure it’s not genetic to fear of flying, beacuse my mother is a pro plane traveller. (I’m not sure it’s a real word…)

But this year, my friend and I went for a vacation together for the first time and we wanted to go to a nice place neither of us knew very well, so we chose Barcelona. The distance between Hungary and Barcelona is not ideal for a train ride, so we bought our plane tickets. I decided it was time to face my fear like Batman and sunk into a deep resignation, thinking: ‘OK, this is going to happen.’ It wasn’t a slavic carnival, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. During airport security, I didn’t get a colonoscopy, my seat was just fine, there were not turbulence, and it only took 2 hours to get there! When we landed in Barcelona, I just realised, it’s not the first time I feel this way. Whenever I’m facing a great challenge in my life, the first time I was teaching, my state exam, the first job interview… if I make all the preparation, things just happen. Those 2 hours on the plane passed like any other 2 hours.

I want to thank my best friend, Linda, for encouraging me to take this step. I think she was more excited about this than me. 🙂

So I hope this experience opened my eyes to new adventures and maybe yours too! 🙂

On my way to Barcelona

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