15 things I learnt about Barcelona

This July I spent 6 days in Barcelona with a friend of mine. These couple of days made me adore this city and now I have the desire to discover other parts of Spain as well. Here are the most important things I learnt about it:

  1. Barcelona is the second largest city of Spain.
  2. It is the now the capital of Catalonia.
  3. It is the largest and most popular city of the Mediterranean coastline.
  4. Legend sais Barcelona was founded by Hercules. Although other sources suggest, it was founded 400 years later by the Romans. We may never know, but it surely  became part of Kingdom of Aragon in the Middle Ages.
  5. The most beautiful, creative and popular buildings in Barcelona were all made by Antoni Gaudí in Art Nouveau style. Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, Casa Batlló, La Pedrera and Park de la Ciutadella are must see attractions!
  6. Barcelona has 9 UNESCO heritage sights, most of them are Gaudí buildings.
  7. Las Ramblas is the perfect place to find souvenirs.
  8. If you have the chance, go to the market, Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria every day, because they sell amazing smoothies and fresh fruit, and daily liquid and vitamine intake are very important!
  9. Famous people born in Barcelona include Joan Miró, Daniel Brühl and Álvaro Soler.
  10. Barcelona is the hometown of the famous football team, FC Barcelona. The Camp Nou Experience include a tour and a museum dedicated to the team.
  11. Ed Sheeran loves Barcelona so much, that he wrote a song about it to his new album, Divide.
  12. Catalan people doesn’t like to be called Spanish. They are currently fighting for independence.
  13. You can find paella in most of the restaurants (and other seafood as well). But if you are not into that, almost all of them serve pizza as well.
  14. Cliché or not, everybody should taste sangria!
  15. No doubt that the best Spanish dessert is churros! It comes in many forms, my favourite was the one filled with Nutella!

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