Amazing people V.: Ernestvideos

As I was browsing Youtube for some tips on learning French, I found 26-year old Ernest from France, who works as a marketing consultant and a project manager, but he also makes time to be a true showman as a Youtuber. What if cats could talk? How to safely set yourself on fire? How to sound like a real French? These are just a few things you’ll get an answer to if you click on his videos. While doing it: ’Don’t forget to smile and I hope you’ll enjoy!’ /Ernest/


Lady Fraise (LF): Tell me a bit about your travelling past!
E: I lived for 3 years in Australia, mostly in Melbourne and had the chance to travel to many countries (78 exactly). My true love is to travel, to discover new people, new cultures and to learn.

LF: What is your favourite place in the whole world?

E: It’s really hard to answer, because every single country is amazing in its own way. That being said my heart (and also my origins from my mother) is Japan. Japan is THE country I loved the most and would love to go back to again and again.

LF: What do you think you can learn from travelling?
E: I always learn about new cultures, open mindness and being tolerant. Also you can discover new countries, landscapes and world wonders.

LF: What do you like doing in your free time?
E: My hobbies are numerous. I love sports and especially extreme sports. I do a lot of rock climbing, snowboarding, diving, snorkeling, skiing. I used to do free fall and wingsuit but because of back problems I can’t do those anymore.
I love drawing, playing music (drums and piano), cooking, watching movies, reading, philosophy and learning new things in general.


LF: What inspires you? Both in making your Youtube videos and your everyday life?
E: The world! It’s beauty and complexity is what inspires me in real life. I’m knowledge driven, I want to learn and discover everything I can.
Concerning the videos, the smiles of the people who watch me. They are what drives me the most and especially recently when I was and am still lacking motivation.

LF: Why did you start making your Youtube channel?
E: My reason to start my Youtube channel was that I’ve always loved acting. I’ve always dreamt to become an actor and I thought Youtube would be a great door to start but also a great way to reach people and make them smile. As I’m saying in my bio, if I could make someone smile every day with my videos, then my life is done.

LF: What are your future plans with it?
E: My plans are a bit unclear. I truly want to continue and make this channel grow. I want to succeed and make even more people happy. However, I felt lack of motivation recently and mostly because the channel doesn’t move much and doesn’t make as many views as it used to. I’m unsure if I will try to make a new channel or try to renew this one with new subjects. I guess only future will tell. But one thing is sure, I will NEVER give up!

LF: Do your friends and family watch your Youtube videos?
E: Yes. 🙂

LF: What’s on your bucket list?
E: Wow! That’s harsh! To be fair, I don’t have a bucket list, because I don’t like the idea that it’s linked to death. However, I do have a massive to do list!
A few of the things are:
-to act in a movie
-to see the Seven Wonders of the World
-to skydive from a skyscraper
-to dive in the Mariana trench
-to go dive in the Jellyfish Lake in Palau
-to climb the Everest.


For fun videos, click to Ernest’s channel.

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