My first camera

For finishing medical school my parents gave me the most amazing gift ever: I could choose my very first camera! After a long research period, I chose a Nikon D5300. There is a tremendous variety of cameras these days, so I will share all its qualities that made me choose this device.

Before this goes any further, I have to say, this is not a sponsored post (although, if someone at Nikon wants to find me, here I am… :D).

So back to the camera:

  1. 24.2 megapixel sensor
  2. 100-12800 ISO sensitivity
  3. 39 point autofocus
  4. built in flash
  5. records in full HD
  6. CIPA: 600 shots
  7. wifi compatibility
  8. GPS function

Plus, it came with an 8 GB memory card, a 18-55 VR and a bag.

Since recieveing it, I made 800 photos, and I can’t wait to share some of them with you guys! So the next 4 posts will all contain pictures made with my new camera! 🙂

Capturing the beauty with my Nikon

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