Hungaricums are typical things that represent true Hungarian culture. They are divided into 8 categories: agriculture and food industry, health and lifestyle, industrial and technological solutions, cultural heritage, sport, natural environments, tourism and catering and built environments.

These are regulated by the law, and there is a specific list that shows all of them. They are mainly connected to a region (for example: sausauge from Csaba).

Here I’m gonna list all the Hungaricums I’m most proud of and always show or sometimes give to my foreign friends:

  1. Pálinka
  2. Aszú wine from Tokaj
  4. Törley Sparkling Wine
  5. Ground paprika from Kalocsa or Szeged
  6. Red onions from Makó
  7. Acacia honey
  8. Pick wintersalami
  9. Chimney cake
  10. Lavender from Pannonhalma or Tihany
  11. Zsolnay porcelain
  12. Herend porcelain
  13. Halas lace
  14. Matyó folk art
  15. Folk dance

I took these pictures at the Hungaricum Festival in Szeged last month. It was the first test ride for my Nikon. 🙂

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