Things that would be awesome to happen

When your life is pretty great, it seems stupid and ungrateful to wish for even more. So instead of making a bucket list, I made a list of all the things that would be fantastic to happen. Maybe none of them will, but if only one does, I’ll be astonished.

  1. To have my own photography exhibition (If you are a regular reader of my blog, you won’t need an explanation. If you are new here, it’s time for you to read more! :D)
  2. To synchronize someone in a movie (Many people told me during my life that I have a unique voice, and I try to think they said the truth.)
  3. To learn how to play the piano (Piano has the most beautiful sound of all musical instruments for me.)
  4. To ride a Vespa (Hopefully in Santorini!)
  5. And to ride a jetski (To feel like I’m one of Charlie’s angels, of course!)
  6. To meet someone who is famous all over the world (I mean, someone extremely famous, like Colin Firth or someone from the Big Bang Theory.)
  7. To swin with dolphins (I may have to learn how to swim first… or not. I hear these professional dolphins can take care of anything.)
  8. To hug a pug (Pugs are the kings of animals. If you think otherwise, maybe you should reconsider your whole life…)
  9. To see all of Audrey Hepburn’s movies (Audrey Hepburn is my icon in many ways. I admire her style and her aura, her acting talent, and how nice she was to other people. I watched all her movies I could find but I’m unfortunately not finished with them.)
  10. To visit Paris, Santorini, Indonesia and Japan (These are my top dream destinations, but I have so many of them, that I think they deserve their own blog post.)

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