My favourite sequels and series

‘Although I couldn’t find a great quote, I wish to continue this wonderful tradition in my last favourites concerned post.’ /Lady Fraise, the Great/

Why do we watch series? Because we are trapped in the web of the Netflix Spider? Or we find them more entertaining then our own lives? Or is it just a good form of entertainment? I’m not writing this to decide, I just want to make a list of all my favourites:

Friends /Classic sitcom, iconic characters with iconic quotes. I can never get bored of it, even after watching it the tenth time./

Big bang theory /Science version of Friends. I have a place for both of them in my heart./

House /Best hospital series ever. Even though when everything is lupus./

Versailles /My newest favourite about Loius XIV. Amazing costumes, amazing actors./

Game of Thrones /Never get attached to any of the characters, or you will have your heart broken./

Gotham /How the little Bruce Wayne became Batman in the dark city of Gotham./

Vikings /Violence and blood everywhere but the characters will make you care./

Stranger things /This year’s other great discovery! A story set in the 1980s with awesome child actors./

White collar /Art crime is the best kind of crime. Mainly if Matt Bomer is in it! :D/

Gilmore girls /My favourite family and romantic series./

The Tudors /The story of Henry VIII’s wives./

The Borgias /Jeremy Irons plays the Borgia Pope and Francois Arnaud plays his son, Cesare Borgia. The family, that is surrounded by myths./

On the spot /Documentary series made by a Hungarian couple, Eszter Cseke and S. Takács András that wone the Gold Plaque in Monte Carlo. They shot about tribes, warrior, dictator’s children and births around the world. It is great to get to know people’s stories from all around the world./

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