Amazing people VII.: Bolega Niki

These days I’m looking for photography inspiration. Photographers I can look up to. This is how I found the amazing Niki from Hungary, whose stunning portraits had a great impact on me. Introducing the next guest of my interview series: 

Lady Fraise (LF): When and why did you start taking pictures?
Bolega Niki (BN): I started dealing with photography 10 years ago. First I was interested in make-up photography the most and this set me off towards it.

LF: Do you work as a full time photographer?
BN: Yes, I’ve been working for 9 years as a photographer and I have no regrets. I am very lucky because I can do a job I truly love.

LF: How did you learn about the background and basics of photography?
BN: I’m learning about its conception these days as well. There are always new situations you have to find a solution for. When I started to become interested in photography, I learned things from the internet. Then I went to a short course, but that wasn’t so useful because the things we learned about I already knew from the internet. After that I got lucky because I got to work with Tamás Kaunitz as his assistant. That was the best decision I have ever made. If someone wants to learn about photography, the best he or she can do is to become an assistant of an experienced photographer. I got most of my knowledge from Tamás. I would like to take the chance and thank him now that he chose me then. Those were the best 3 years of my life. Afterwards I did an other course as well. I started doing it for the certificate, but at the end it became more. I learned the essence of photojournalism with the help of Sándor Újvári. He may not even know how much impact his classes had on me. Thanks, Sándor! 🙂

LF: What do you like photographing the most?
BN: I like photographing people the most. Mainly composed portraits, but nowadays I’m shooting food more often because I became the photographer of Lila Füge magazine and I also really like that a lot.

LF: What do you think you can learn from photography?
BN: In my case photography had a great developing affect on my personality. Because I have to instruct people, conduct photo shoots, I became more determined and confident. I am now more open to people and to the whole world. I can see the beauty in almost everything. Photography widens a person’s thoughts. At least it happened to me. 🙂

LF: Is there something a picture can give you that other things can’t?
BN: I don’t see the point in comparing photography to other things. It gives each person something else. The most important thing for my photos is to make an impression on people. It is the best feeling when someone tells me that a picture of mine made her think or feel something.

LF: What would you advise to a beginner photographer?
BN: I would advise him or her to practice a lot. Anywhere, anytime. This profession is about learning all the time, and you can only progress if you are constantly taking pictures. We can never be good enough so I think being humble is the most important.

Bolega Niki’s homepage
Bolega Niki’s Instagram


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