Austrian dream destinations

Tomorrow I’m leaving for a long weekend in Siófok, but someone pressed expressed his displeasure about me leaving my readers with no content /yep, you know exactly who you are!/. So here I’m is a list of my Austrian towns.

All the places I’ve already been to:
Vienna: my favourite European capital deserves its own blog post with pictures of course!
Horn: this is the small town 80 kms from Vienna where I spent 10 weeks. It also deserves its own post!
Rosenburg: its castle is worthy of its fame and they entertain people with falcon shows every afternoon.
Linz: the Cathedral, the Castle and the zoo are all worth a visit.
Wels: not far from Linz is an other large town. It also has its own castle (how unusual in Austria, isn’t it?).
Pichl: it’s a small town with only 2800 people where I spent 3 weeks when I was 12 years old. Although there is not much to see, it still holds a special place in my heart.
Bad Ischl: the Kaiser-Villa is a must see attraction for every Sissi fan! It served as a small hunter castle for Franz Joseph.
Salzburg: is where you can find Mozart’s birthplace that was turned into a museum. In memory of the composer there is a music festival every year that is very popular among people from all over the world. In addition, the Mirabell Castle and Garden are magnificent!
Hallstadt: here you can find one of the Gosau lakes (kind of like the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia), they are beautiful natural sights. Then the Salt Chamber is great fun or you can visit the Ossuary, a chapel made of human bones.
Mariazell: it’s basilica is a very popular shrine destination amongst Catholics. Approximately 1 million people visit this place every year. It is also famous for its ginger bread.
Eisenstadt: here is a castle of the Hungarian noble family, the Eszterházys.
Forchtenstein: also an Eszterházy castle with full of their art heritage.

And all the places I still want to visit:

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