My favourite European capital, the ‘City of Music’ was founded by the Romans in 15 BC and they referred to it as Vindobona. In the 15th century, it became the residency of the Habsburg family and the center of Austria and later of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today it has almost 1.8 million inhabitants and attracts 7 million tourist every year. I’ve been to Vienna (or as the Austrian people say it, Wien) many times. Here are all the places I visited and recommend for you to see as well:

Augustinian Church
Schönbrunn (with the Zoo, the Butterfly House and Gloriette)
Hofburg (with Sisi Museum)
Belvedere Castle (with Gustav Klimt’s Kiss)
Museum of Natural History (the Venus of Willendorf is here)
Art History Museum
Maria Theresia Square (between the two museum mentioned above; the main Christmas fair is held here)
Capuchin Church (with all the graves of the Habsburg family members)
Imperial Furniture Collection
Prater (Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is here as well)
Austrian Parliament
City Hall
Opera House
Hundertwasser House
Stadt Park
Sigmund Freud Park

Bon voyage! 🙂

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