Although Horn may not be a flourishing metropolis, it still owns a special place in my heart. Before I got an internship for a surgery practice, I have never even heard of it. Since 2015, I spent 10 weeks in this town. What I learned about it the most is how to find beauty in small details and how great it is to know every corner of a place.

But let’s see the numbers first! Horn lies only 80 kms from Vienna, and it the capital of the Waldviertel region (it can be translated as ‘forest region’). It has 6.6 thousand inhabitants and because of the local hospital, some of these people are from the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary or Italy.

You may think there is nothing to see here, but you couldn’t be more wrong! There are two churches in the city center. The Roman Catholic and the Piarist Church invite all the believers for a mass on Sundays. Next to them is the Sgraffito House, a painted masterpiece. By walking toward a small hill, you will point the cemetery with its own church and a small river crossing a playground. Horn Museum has a mineral, a dinosaur and a town history exhibition. One of its properties include a nail from Jesus’s cross (neat, huh?).

And if you run out if things, you can go to Krems, Rosenburg, Sankt Pölten, Vienna, or even to the Czech Republic.

The take home message from this is that we should cherish all the gifts we get from life. Even the smaller ones can become wonderful memories in the end.

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