Simontornya Castle

10. Vár Square
Opening hours: Closed on Mondays! From the beginning of April to the end of September: Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-17:00
From the beginning of October to the end of March: Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-16:00
Tickets: 300-600 HUF
Click here for more information!

On our way to Lake Balaton, we stopped by to see Simontornya Castle. Although Simontornya is a small town with only 4000 citizens, its history dates back to the 4th century BC., when celtics lived in this area. The building of it started in 1272 as a tower (the Hungarian word torony means tower), and later became a Renaissance styled castle with a lot of owners of noble families. It served as a shield castle during the wars against the Turks, so many of its parts were destroyed. It was decided to restore the castle to its ancient state in 1964. There is still a lot of things to do, but it can be visited these days, there is an exhibition and sometimes tournaments are held to commemorate knights from the middle ages.
If you are in the neighbourhood and want to find out more about Hungarian history, it’s definitely worth a visit!

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