Ozora Castle

1. Várhegy Street
Opening hours: Closed on Mondays! Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-18:00
Tickets: 1000-2000 HUF
Click here for more information!

There is something you need to know about Hungarian castles. Almost all of them are in ruins because of the many wars that swept over the country throughout history. Renaissance styled Ozora castles is an exception.
It has been originally in possession of the Ozorai family until 1399, when the only heir of András Ozorai was a woman, Borbála. She couldn’t inherit the castle (yeah, I don’t like that either!), but she was engaged to the Italian Philippo Scolari so they could keep it in the end. Philippo (or as later called, Pipo) came from a merchant family and he was an excellent soldier. He renovated the castle by artists from his homeland and he ordered replicas from famous Italian artists. So the statues decorating the Medici grave and Moses made by Michelangelo,  Donatello’s David (legend sais it pictures Leonardo da Vinci) can be seen as well in perfect condition. They represent a value even today, because the Italians don’t let their masterpieces being copied anymore. After Pipo’s death, Borbála became the mistress of the castle and she left it to a palatine when she died.
The first acting appearance of the most famous Hungarian poet, Sándor Petőfi happened in the dining hall of the castle.
The castle can not only be visited today, but some of the rooms are rentable just like a hotel. So for a couple of nights anyone can become the lord of Ozora Castle.


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