Siófok on a cold weekend

Travelling in autumn has many advantages. First, you can avoid huge crowds even in popular tourist places. Then, different festivals/programs in general. And of course, how would you see all those beautiful colours nature puts on autumn leaves?

Though Hungary doesn’t have a sea, it has Lake Balaton instead. It’s a freshwater lake that has many resort towns. The most famous of them are Balatonfüred, Tihany and Siófok. Siófok lies in the southern part of the lake and it becomes a party town every summer. If you are up to that, you should take your trip between May and September. Because all its facilities close in the end of September. But there are still some things to do even after that. You can take a walk along Lake Balaton. During our journey it was pretty foggy and kind of mysterious.  The wind was so strong, seagulls decided not to fight it and landed on the see among the rabble of ducks. Swans and ducks didn’t really bother about the weather, all they were interested in was food. Most of the hotels are always open and they have spa areas, which is a great form of recreation. Or take a boat trip! They offer Pirates of the Caribbean trips for example. Well, originally for children, but even adults have to admit, it looks kind of cool.
What I like about Siófok is that it feels like you are in a harbor town and makes you feel like a sailor. My favourite place is where the Angel of peace statue is. It is painted gold and stands on a tall pole next to the dock. Fishermen are always surrounding her. The statue was made by a Russian artist and was settled to her final place in 2012. It symbolizes peace, friendship and unity.
And that is what Siófok represents as well.


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