Proper Szeged tour guide

Although I was gushing on and on about my town, Szeged at one of the very first blog posts of this website, I just realized I have never actually shared with you what to see in Szeged. How could we let this happen?! Ok, you can blame it on me… But now I’m here to save the day and for the 70th blog post, let me introduce you to my town.

Szeged is the 3rd biggest town of Hungary and it has been occupied already since the 10th century. It was affected by a flood in 1879. Many European capitals joined to help and sent money for Szeged. In memory of their kindness, the boulevards were named after Vienna, London, Brussels, Paris, Moscow, Berlin and Rome.
Szeged is most famous for its paprika, fish soup, Pick Salami, slippers and the annually held Open Air Festival. It’s a perfect place for you university years or for a semester with Erasmus, because there are 25 000 students in the town every year. And because of the German and English programs, many of them are from abroad (for example: Israel, Germany, Palestine, Turkey, Romania, Spain, Japan, Korea, India and Nigeria).

Here are the top attractions to see in Szeged:
Cathedral with Dóm Square and the Music Clock on the opposite side
New Synagogue
National Theatre
City Hall and the Bridge of sighs
REÖK Castle
Fekete House
Móra Ferenc Museum
Pick Salami and Szeged Paprika Museum
Arad Martyrs Square
Széchenyi Square
Dugonits Square with the University building
Kárász Street
Sissi statue on Stefánia
Szeged Zoo
Botanical Garden
…and of course River Tisza!

I took these pictures while walking around in September. Because I can always find some beautiful detail I haven’t seen before.

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