Keszthely, the ‘capital of Lake Balaton’ is situated on the western side of the lake. It is very close to the spa town, Hévíz as well, so it became a very popular place for summer holidays. Besides lying on the beach, there are many things to do.
The most famous sight of the town is the Festetics Castle.  It was named after the owners, the Festetics family, who had a great territory in the area since 1739, right after the end of the Turkish regime. The building of the castle begun in 1745 in baroque style. The museum inside it has a lot of the noble family’s belongings, a nice garden with beautifully placed flowers and a carriage collection. In the palace’s saloon they hold concerts and lectures while in the garden there is an open air theatre festival every year.
Besides that Keszthely has a wierd collection of museums. From a reptile collection through the Marzipan Museum till a Medieval Erotic Museum (I mean, who thinks about making such a place?! I didn’t list it down below, because I didn’t want to ruin all those beautiful and precious places). For me the Marzipan Museum was very impressive, I can’t even imagine how much time it takes to make such wonderful artwork and statues (because some of them really are) from food.
Keszthely is a great place for a summer holiday, because it not only has interesting sights, but also for recreation because of Lake Balaton.

What to see in Keszthely?
Festetics Palace
Helikon Park
Catholic Church
Protestant Church
City Hall
Marzipan Museum
Nostalgia Museum
Doll Museum
Cadillac Museum
Balaton Museum

… and of course go bathing in Lake Balaton!

Sorry about the quality of pictures, I took them way before I found my inner artist 😉 Jokes aside, it’s interesting to look back at these pictures. For example, I took these with a small digital camera I got for Christmas many years ago. I was very happy and took thousands of pictures with it, but now I can see that the quality of my Nikon is way better. And that I’ve been improving since 2014.


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