Budapest sights I.

The Hungarian capital, Budapest has one fifth of the population. It was used to be occupied be the Celtic people and then by the Romans. Hungarians only came in the 9th century. It hasn’t always been the capital, because kings spent most of their time in Visegrád and they transferred to Budapest only in the 15th century. After that it became a Renaissance town. River Danube divided the two parts, Buda and Pest and they were united in 1873. Although Budapest has been through a lot (it was first destroyed by the Turks and the Tartars, then the world wars came), it always managed to renew itself and become the marvelous metropolis it is today.

Budapest is the ultimate tourist city with endless options to visit. Here are the ones I recommend of them:

St. Stephen’s Basilica
1. Szent István Square
Opening hours: Open every day! Monday-Saturday 9:00-19:00, Sunday 7:45-19:00
Tickets: 1200-1600 HUF
Click here for more information!

Budapest Eye
Erzsébet Square
Opening hours: Monday-Tuesday 10:00-23:00, Wednesday-Thursday 10:00-24:00, Friday-Saturday 10:00-01:00, Sunday 10:00-24:00
Tickets: 1500-2700 HUF
Click here for more information!

More posts about the sights I will visit are coming soon!

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