Photography books I.: Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Barnbaum

I know I’ve been neglecting this part of my website for a long time, which is insane, because I originally wanted this page to be only photography related. I’m not a professional photographer (and I think I never will be), therefore I try to draw knowledge from books, newspapers, articles, and videos. So right now I’m starting a new series about all the books I already read to help other photography enthusiasts. 

Annie Leibovitz: At work
Ms. Leibovitz, my most favourite photographer released this book in 2008 but it dates back to 1974. She discusses 90 of her photos chronologically (including the Rolling Stones tour of 1975 and the last picture she took of John Lennon and Yoko Ono on the day he was shot). In addition, technical descriptions are given as well.
Truly remarkable and motivating.

Bruce Barnbaum: The art of photography (An Approach to Personal Expression)
The writer is mostly known as a landscape and architectural photographer and an instructor as well. In this textbook, he gives basic knowledge and practical tips for anyone interested in photography with beautiful illustration of his own photos.
I recommend this book even to those who aren’t that interested in this field as I am, because it can be useful for vacation and family pictures as well.

I hope you’ll find inspiration in them!

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