Amazing people IX.: Mirmy Klopfen Design

„Painting is a combinative art. Analogous, metaphorical. Full of references and symbols, like psychology.” /Luigi Guarnieri/

Mirmy Klopfen Design’s imaginative and lovely artwork can bring light to the grey weekdays. The next guest of my interview series is a lady, who although works as a psychologist, she is also an artist in her free time and I can proudly call her my friend.

Lady Fraise (LF): How did Mirmy Klopfen Design start?
Mirmy Klopfen Design (MKD): MKD has come a long way until reaching its present state although I still consider this stage transitional for obtaining the final goal. The starting point was my affinity for art. I loved drawing with basically everything, in the sand with a stick, to vaporous glass with my finger. This developed an interest for graphic art and the joy of creation as well.
Finding my own technique specified the path that gave me the idea of founding a design workshop. It’s a design workshop, because besides creating paintings, themes are appearing on other objects (postcards, bookmarks, etc).

LF: What inspires you in creating your artwork?
MKD: I have two inspirational source representing the two main patterns of MKD that differs from each other. Photographs taken in nature inspire realistic paintings, so this section of MKD reflects reality. The other section is closer to my personality, it shows a waggish, fantasy world with personalised creatures and objects. The inspiration to this world comes from how I see the world and how I exist in it: with full of colours and laughter.

LF: What kind of techniques do you usually use?
MKD: I tried many techniques before finding it for MKD and it is aquarelle. I love the softness, airiness of aquarelle colours and what startles me is that I can let the paint work for itself.
My new field of interest is digital art but I have to learn a lot about it.


LF: Which one is your favourite artwork?
MKD: It’s always the one I’m currently working on. I like exprimenting with topics and techniques and if an innovation works and I start loving it immediately. It is hard for me to say goodbye to a painting, I always take a picture of them before letting them go. I’m also very critical about my paintings, there are only a few of them I’m truly satisfied with. But that may be all right.

LF: Where did the name Mirmy Klopfen Design come from?
MKD: It originates from my nickname and playing with words before reaching its current sound.

LF: Does creating art and your job have a connection wich other?
MKD: As a child psychologist, the world of fantasy and creativity interlock with my profession. Furthermore I believe in the expressive and liberating effect of creation so it serves my mental well being. At the same time I can feel that even looking at a nice picture makes me peaceful or happy, so it influences my actual mood. There is a need for every positive thought these days and I hope my paintings can make the same impact on people as well.

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