Budapest Christmas Fair

Winter is my favourite time of the year. Firstly because I myself am a winter child and secondly because of Christmas. Christmas fairs became very popular everywhere in the world and I enjoy walking at night among the beautifully decorated streets with mulled wine in my hand. During the years I was lucky to visit some fairs in Hungary and abroad as well. My record is 4/year in 2 countries. But for starters let’s see this year Budapest fair. 

The main place for it is situated in front of St. Stephen’s Basilica with the Christmas tree (that’s my favourite because of the spiderweb-shaped lights originating from the top of the tree). Other locations are the City Hall, Vörösmarty Square, Deák Square and Jókai Square. There are many people selling their artwork, ornaments, winter clothes, toys and Hungaricums as well.

Special thanks to my BFFs, Anita, Lilla and Pálma for making this and last year’s Budapest Christmas fairs possible for me and providing awesome company as always! Can’t wait to see you again, my ladies! ❤

And what about the food?
– mulled wine in specially made cups and mugs
– stuffed cabbage (if you want to dive into true Hungarian cuisine)
– burgers and hot dogs (if you don’t)
– chimney cake
– handmade marzipan wonders

Have a nice walk at the largest Christmas fair of Hungary, wishing you all a magical Advent. Other Christmas fair photos and holiday topics coming soon! 🙂

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