Szeged Christmas Fair

Every year when Advent takes in, the whole city becomes full of lights that reminds me of a great mass of sparklers. Though the Cathedral, Széchenyi Square and Kárász Street with the town’s Christmas tree are the most beautiful in this time of the year, my favourite sight is the huge reindeer in front of the university building. It’s 7 meters tall!
The vendors are selling more regular stuff, not like the ones in Budapest, where 90% of the fair is of Christmas ornaments. Here you can buy clothes, jewelry, toys, tea, soaps and if you look carefully you can find treasures like this:

Now let’s see what you can eat or drink here:
– mulled wine (forralt bor) of course! This year’s relevation is the one made of blueberry wine with rose hip in it.
– krampampuli (I don’t think there is an English word for it) is kind of like mulled wine but with more ingredients like mandel, walnut, dried fruit and black tea as well.
– apple punch is for children.
– chimney cake (kürtőskalács) is a Christmas usual! You can taste it in many flavours: vanilla (that’s the basic), cocoa, coconut, hazelnut and my favourite, walnut. There has been a trend of making salty chimney cake, mainly pizza flavoured but I’m protesting every year by eating regular ones as often as I can.
– kenyérlángos (no English word for that either) made of raised pasta with bacon and onion on top.
– cheese coctails made of different types of cheese served in a cup. You can take in your hand while walking. Yummi!
– strudel (rétes) stuffed with cottage cheese, sour cherry, poppy seed and hazelnut.
– and no Christmas can come without gingerbread! But these are meant more as decoration than for eating, you can find some very artistic ones.
– but you can eat for lunch or dinner as well, there are many stalls selling cooked meals, from meat on a stick through home made chips to hamburgers made of trotters. Yep, not so good if you are on a diet.

So grab a chimney cake and wash it down with mulled wine and get the ultimate Christmas feeling!


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