Kecskemét Christmas Fair

Half way from Budapest to Szeged there is another county town called Kecskemét. It has a center that was built in secession style and this time of the year all of the streets are decorated with lights (even the trees and the lamps!). The most beautifully decorated building is the City Hall, which is next to the fair. The town’s Christmas tree is in front of it (also decorated only with lights) with a nativity play.
The speciality of its Christmas fair is the skating rink. It is a bit small but it serves perfectly its purpose, fun. Next to the rink there are many facilities for children. Merry-go-rounds, bumper cars and fishing for presents stands.
The vendors are selling toys, ornaments (many of them are handmade), food (like honey and jam) and clothes (for example hats from real sheepskin to keep your head extremely warm).

So what to eat or drink here?
– mulled wine (from red or white wine and specialities like sour cherry mulled wine and gingerbread flavouring)
– regular and fruit wine
– punch
– tea
– chimney cake (kürtőskalács)
– gingerbread
– sausage
– trotters and other kinds of roast meat
– roast joint
– cheese
– roundel filled with cheese/sour cream/pickles/ham

Go and see the beautiful winter lights of Kecskemét!


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