Bratislava Christmas Fair

Unfortunately we arrived to the last Christmas fair related post (sigh)… Now we have to wait another year for fun like this to come. But don’t let that spoil our mood, let’s see what the lovely Bratislava holds for us.

As far as I know, there are more markets in Bratislava, but I only saw the one at the Main Square (Hlavne Namestie). In the background you can see a Catholic church and a Christmas tree in front of it. The tree is decorated with glass ornaments and lights. The tents make a U-shaped form with a lot of food stands and in the middle there are lights in form of a taper. All of the vendor’s and food stands have a red roof. The vendor’s are selling toys, souvenirs, minerals and handmade things but this fair is mostly about the food!
Keep in mind that because of its location, this market gets crowded easily!

So let’s what to eat or drink in Bratislava?
– mulled wine (regular or special ones like honey, rose, strawberry or blueberry wine)
– fruit spirit
– Medovina (traditional Slovak alcohol with honey taste)
– punch
– salty pancakes (these are actually potato pancakes filled with cabbage, sausage or cottage cheese and chopped onions are put on top of them)
– sausage served with mustard and bread
– goulash (its not like the traditional goulash, but a meat stew)
– gypsy roast (roasted pork or chicken with a LOT of onions)
– Camembert cheese
– potato chips (sometimes on a stick and in a twisted form)
– strudel (filled with cottage cheese, sour cherry, walnut and poppy seed)
– sweet pancakes (of course, but they are in minority because of the popularity of their salty cousins; filled with Nutella or nuts)
– chimney cake
– gingerbread
– wafers
– glazed apples (look out for your teeth!)

Christmas has passed so other kind of topics will come next. Stay tuned and bon voyage!


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