The day I’ve been to 3 countries

In the last 2 years I went to 3 short organized trips. First, to the Viennese Christmas Fair last year, then in 2017 to the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia and to Bratislava. Although I have no regrets of taking them, they still have their ups and downs. So let’s talk about these first.

The advantages of short organized trips:
1. You don’t have to take care of the transportation.
2. They are cheap.
3. You don’t have to wait in lines at tourist attractions.
4. You will see all the sights that were promised in the program.

The disadvantages of short organized trips:
1. You have to adapt to a lot of people (to 40 in our case, and many of them were elderly people).
2. You will become very tired, because you have to get up very early in the morning and then travel for long hours.
3. There may not be enough time to see everything. Last year we had to run past paintings like Klimt’s Kiss because we had to get to the treasury and then we had 3 hours to the Christmas fair (you don’t need that long in a cold).
4. You may have to carry a lot of stuff for a whole day (breakfast, lunch and dinner, water, clothes, camera…).

And now let’s discuss this eventful journey! We set of at 4:50 a.m. from Szeged and went to Bratislava through Budapest. We were standing next to River Danube at 10 and went for a walk. We saw the castle, the Holocaust monument and the old town.

Then we arrived to St. Martin’s Cathedral and this was the first sight we actually went in to see. It is a Gothic style cathedral that has been used for coronation of Hungarian emperors for many years. Maria Theresia was also crowned here. There is a treasury inside the church as well.

After that we went to the Christmas Fair. (You can read my blog post about it here.)
Then at 13 p.m. we got on the bus and went to Austria’s Hof Castle. It is a newly renovated castle that opened not long ago for the public. The hunting castle was built in Baroque stlye and Maria Theresia gifted it to his husband to make sure he unbended himself from his hard work in Vienna. It is not allowed to take pictures in the castle and most of the furniture are not originals. Although I liked this castle, I don’t know how it will fight for visitors with rivals like Schönbrunn and Hofburg in the neighbourhood. In the park there was another Christmas fair that seemed very popular among local people.

Right after that we went to the Hauswirth Chocolate Factory to buy yummi things and then went back to Hungary and arrived to Szeged at 11 p.m. Let’s say I didn’t have sleeping problems after this day, but I still want to go on short trips like this in the future.
And this was my tale of how I’ve been to Hungary, Slovakia and Austria in only one day.

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