2017: A year in a website’s life

I created this website in December 2016 to show my photos to my friends and family. This portfolio-like site seemed to be a great idea at first, but I figured out that something was missing later. Since I’m not a professional photographer, why would people continue to come back regularly to check it out? So I suspended it for a while and it only started again on 6th May 2017, when the first short photo essay about my town with some thoughts came out. Then it became quite easy, the ideas rushed my mind instantly and  fortunately it still continues. Even after a year, I can’t really define the type of my website, I fill it with things I’m currently interested about.
So let’s look back at 2017 to see what I achieved:

I made 88 blog posts. 2 of them were in Hungarian and all the others in English.
I started doing a webshop of my artwork on society6.com.
Also started to connect my site to Ebay, Booking and Amazon for some support.
Something that I’m very proud of is my Amazing people series. I could get to know some of the people I follow on Youtube, Instagram and introduce my artist friend and of course fellow travel bloggers. They are people I look up to and who inspire me in many ways.
My favourite blog post this year became the one I did about Christmas habits from all over the world, because I got to talk to some of my foreign friends and got to know more about their cultures as well.
My site has been visited by 1178 people from 52 countries!! Unbelievable! I’m so grateful, here are those countries: Hungary, United States, Taiwan, Greece, Poland, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Slovenia, Canada, India, Japan, Indonesia, Romania, Netherlands, China, Portugal, Hong Kong SAR China, Ireland, Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Switzerland, Serbia, Singapore, Jordan, Finland, Brazil, Australia, Czech Republic, Iceland, Turkey, Thailand, Croatia, New Zealand, Belgium, Morocco, Denmark, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Norway, Uruguay, Estonia, Russia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Israel, Egypt, Mexico and South Korea. The order has nothing to do with my preferences, I listed them according the amount of the views. It would be lovely to see all these places someday.

You could ask now, what now in 2018? I’m currently planning some of my spring and summer vacations, have a whole new category in my mind and just seconds away from writing to the next person I’d like to do an interview with.
Hope you enjoyed 2017 on Lady Fraise as I did. See you soon and bon voyage!

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