New Year’s photography resolutions

When I was a teenager I was very fond of writing diaries. In the spirit of this I made New Year’s resolutions at the end of every single year. Of course I couldn’t achieve all of them and it made me sad and it felt like I was not successful that year at all. Time went by and I gave up this habit and started to despise who were proudly saying what they wanted to do at New Year’s parties . Although I’m still not making strict resolutions anymore I want to list all the things I want to do according to photography. The duration of these doesn’t matter and even if these are not going happen at all I will not be sad. Taking pictures become a part of my life and every second of it gives me great joy.

  1. I would like to read more books and newspapers about photography and make reviews and tips about them on this website. Just like this.
  2. If I’ve got time maybe even attend a short course.
  3. I would love to start doing portraits.I already have some great ideas and I asked the first person to model for me.
  4. Besides that I want to preserve events that occur in my family and in my town. Festivals, travelling, anything can come.
  5. I noticed that if I want to become a great photographer, I have to know as much about photo editing as photography itself. So, next would be to learn how to use Photoshop, not only Instagram filters.
  6. I would like to own a Polaroid camera. Not for special reasons, just for fun.
  7. And for the last thing, something completely far fetched. If I learned everything I could about photography and I had the money and a great purpose, I would love to buy a drone. They can make amazing pictures (and of course other records) from above. It would be a great way to remember holidays later.

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