French chic

It is common knowledge that French women have a ‘je ne sais quoi’ in them. Instead of making rules like ‘wearing no more than three colours can count as elegant’, I’m trying to catch what that little something means. And by doing this I’m starting a new chapter in this website’s life. 

For me French chic /pronounced correctly of course, not like chick or cheek, it’s sheek!/ first of all means that you accept who you are. You need to realize that reaching for perfection is completely useless and demotivating and instead of that embrace your little imperfections or even place emphasis on them.
It means knowing what suits you considering your body type. Including colours, cuts and the kind of fabrics you feel comfortable in. Because we all had our fashion mistakes and it is all right and the important thing is to learn from them.
It means being stylish instead of fashionable. Because it’s easy to follow the current trends but it’s hard to create something that is typical to you. There are things that are timeless, try to invest in them and not fast fashion.
It means having something special you wear all the time. Like Anna Wintour’s bob haircut and Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic sunglasses.
It means finding your own scent you wear for at least 10 years.
It means not wearing a lot of make up. Instead of that take care of your skin properly, it will pay off later.
It means not changing things often.
And finally, it means having a certain attitude that makes people think ‘she seems confident’.

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