The basic clothes every woman should own

Although I believe everyone has to find her own style, I still think there are some wardrobe essentials that are must-haves. They are great to combine and by selecting your personal favourites with a twist, it will give you the ‘forever stylish but unique’ look.  

‘For ups…’:
– a white shirt
– a black silk blouse
– a black and white striped blouse (Because it’s great for combination.)
– something blue (A shirt made of jeans, for example, because this colour looks great on everybody.)
– a pullover that has the perfect fit and perfect colour (For example, I have very plain skin and dark hair and to these features I can’t put on anything pastel, because that would made me look even paler. Instead I prefer vivid colours like red, green and blue.)
– a tweed jacket or blazer
– a jacket made of jeans
– a trench coat (Mine is green one from Marks & Spencer with buttons in the front and it is slim at the waist.)
– a winter coat

‘…and for downs’: 
– the perfect jeans (This item requires the most consideration, because it is the most frequently used one.)
– a pair of black trousers
– a pair of white jeans/trousers for spring/summer
– a pencil skirt (Mine is a black leatherette that is high waist and shin length.)

And what about shoes…?
– black high heels
– ballerinas
– moccasins or Oxford shoes for longer walks
– sandals
– leather boots

…and accessories?
– pearl earrings
– a statement necklace
– a watch
– a scarf for winter and one for autumn and spring
– a bag for everyday use
– a clutch for formal occasions

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