25 things I learnt in 25 years

Here I am, a freshly turned 25-year-old, to give you the knowledge I gathered about life all over this quarter of a century:

Charm is more important than beauty.
If you give someone a smile, it will be insanely hard not to return it back.
Take time for your family, your friends, to eat and to sleep.
Be brave but never reckless.
You can never reach perfection, but if you do your best, you don’t have to worry.
A reader lives a thousand lives.
It doesn’t matter what somebody says, but who sais it.
Green tea in the morning is always a great choice.
Destroy your enemies with a smile.
All flowers are perfect.
Never stop believing in the goodness of humanity, but never forget the things that already happened.
Be charitable with compliments.
Music can express emotions the best.
The right clothes give you confidence.
Discussing your problems with your best friend and a cup of tea is very useful.
Remember to be grateful for what you have.
Let go of the things that are not worth caring about.
There is no such things as a coincidence.
The true beauty of the world lies in colours.
There are always two sides of the truth.
Travelling teaches you to be more open.
We didn’t inherit the Earth, it was only lent to us from our grandchildren.
If you want to make sure that something will be done, you have to do it for yourself.
You will know a person completely after you lived with him.
You have only one health and one life.

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