Household remedies for a cold

Don’t worry, mummy, I’m not ill, I just want to pass on the knowledge I acquired all these years!

Although the weather was getting better and better the last couple of weeks, it was snowing again in my town and it became kind of frosty. It didn’t care that I wanted to put away my boots, but breathed ice into my face and went away laughing… I’m not going to give up the fight now, I wear warm clothes and do some of these things as prophylaxis.

First of all, it’s important to drink a lot while being ill to stay hydrated. Warm (but not too hot!) tea is the best solution.
There’s no need to add sugar to it (you probably won’t be able to taste anything anyway!), but if you really want to something, that should be honey. Honey alone is also a great idea. It’s viscosity is so high that it cleans the throat well.
Citrus fruit are full of vitamin C, so have as much as possible of orange or lemon. I usually put a juice of half a lemon into 0,5 l water, it’s very refreshing. Or you can try mixing the same amount with 2 teaspoons of honey together.
There is a vegetable that contains even more vitamin C, and that is paprika! This is actually how Albert Szent-Györgyi, a Hungarian Noble-Prize winner discovered vitamin C in the first place.
Another secret remedy I learned from my grandmother is garlic! Reprobates and the desperate can try mixing it with with lemon and honey.
And finally, chicken soup can also come handy in time of need. Even when you lack appetite. Try adding pepper as well, because they cause warmth in your throat.

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