Hungarian Oscar movies

The last three years has been very exciting for the Hungarian film industry. Two wins in a row: Son of Saul won the Oscar in 2016 for Best Foreign Language Film, then in 2017 Sing became the Best live action short film. This year we have been supporting On Body and Soul. 

Mephisto /1981/
Based on Klaus Mann’s Mephisto novel, István Szabó directed the movie in 1980. It was shot in Hungary, Berlin, Hamburg and Paris. The main of the very ambitious actor, Hendrik Höfgen is played by Klaus Maria Brandauer. Iconic Hungarian actors like György Cserhalmi, Judit Hernádi and Ildikó Bánsági play the supporting roles.
Fun fact: István Szabó directed three more movies that were nominated for an Academy Award.

Son of Saul /2015/
The story sets place in 1944 in Auschwitz where we follow the days of the Hungarian Jew, Saul who is a member of the Sonderkommando. The movie was directed by László Nemes. He said in his accepting speech that ‘even in the darkest hours of mankind, there might be a voice within us that allows us to remain human’.
Fun fact: Although Géza Röhrig, who plays the main role in this movie has a degree in directing (he was a student of István Szabó), works as a corpse-washer in New York.

Sing /2016/
Set in 1991 Budapest, the story starts with a little girl who attends a new school and wants to become a member of the choir. The director, Kristóf Deák dedicated the award ‘to the only people who can make the world a better place for us, kids’.
Fun fact: the movie was shot in 6 days, but than it took a year to edit it.

On Body and Soul /2017/
Two people, who both work in a slaughterhouse start dreaming the same every single night. The movie was directed and written by Ildikó Enyedi and it’s triumph started with winning the Golden Bear in Berlin.
Fun fact: Its director hasn’t made a movie in the last 18 years.

Other nominations are:
The Boys of Paul Street /1968/
Cats’ Play /1974/
Hungarians /1978/
Confidence /1980/
Job’s Revolt /1983/
Colonel Redl /1985/
Hanussen /1988/

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