Never ending succulent love

When someone asks me about having any pets, I always answer: ‘No, but I have 12 succulents.’ The truth is, I liked them way before they were cool!

Succulents are plants that can contain water in their thick leaves, roots or stems. This means they are capable to survive dry weather conditions. Although they are originally from Africa, America and Australia, they became quite popular in the last deacades while they are very easy to take care of. Succulents have many families but the most popular ones are cacti, aloe plants, crassula, agaves and some people even count orchids into this species.

I have many reasons for loving them.
First of all they are such grateful plants! They require watering only once a week (make sure not to over-water them, because that can lead to their death). They like the sun, so their ideal place would be on the windowsill.
They grow slowly, so they don’t take much of your aparment, even if you have a lot of them.
They don’t get pests or any kind of illness.
They don’t have to be replanted.
They come in various shapes, sizes, colours, with or without flowers, so anyone can find his or her favourite. Christmas cactus, crown of thorns, panda plant… even their names are cool, aren’t they?
As all plants, they produce oxygen and purify the air, so they are beneficial to your health too.

Here is the newest member of my succulents family, it is called ‘Buddha’s Temple’:

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