Minimalist lifestyle means protesting against the consumerist society we live in by reducing the objects that surround us to a minimum. This idea became quite popular in the last couple of years and it promises freedom from the burdens of shallow lifestyle.

Let’s see first, what are the adventages of living a minimalist lifestyle?
– By learning how to avoid the influential power of advertisements, you will be able save money and be more eco friendly.
– Less things mean less cleaning!
– You are ready to focus on the important things rather than objects tying you down. Travelling, sports, whatever you like.
– You will learn to live with only the things you really need.
– You will be able to pack lightly when travelling.

I admit that I’m very very very far from living a minimalist lifestyle (and I honestly think I’ll never be able to do it properly), but there are certain things I want to embrace from this lifestlye. Now come closer, dear reader, the following can be helpful to you too:

1. Before buying anything, make a pros and cons list in your head before deciding to pay for it. Buy the things you really need or fall in love with instead of buying something because it’s currently on sale, or because ‘you can wear to somewhere someday’.
2. Do regular decluttering ceremonies in your house twice a year (or more often, if you want to!). If you haven’t used something in the last months, you are not really needing that item. Think about clothes and shoes that don’t fit as well!
3. Throw everything away that expired (including food and beauty products) or are broken and can’t be repaired.
4. Rethink your beauty products and toiletries. One shampoo (and one spare if that bottle gets empty) should be enough.
5. Don’t be ashamed if you don’t like the things you get from friends or family members. Instead of beating around it in the house forever, try to find a new purpose or a new owner for them.
6. Invest in one better quality item instead of 5 cheaper ones that don’t last.
7. Start reusing, refilling and repairing things.
8. What about multiples? Do you really need 3 headphones?
9. Get rid of free and commercial stuff.
10. Let’s admit that sometimes we judge buy the cover. Bought a book but didn’t really like it? Give it to a second hand book shop.

Good luck on your journey to freedom!



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