Castle of Siklós

8 Vajda János Square
Opening hours: Closed on Mondays! Tuesday-Sunday 9:30-17:00
Tickets: 600-1800 HUF
Click here for more information!

Siklós is situated at the Southern border of Hungary. It’s neighbour towns are: Harkány (which is famous for its spas), Villány (‘the city of wine’) and Máriagyűd (which serves as a shrine for pilgrims).

The Castle of Siklós was built before 1294 (because the first written document mentions it that year). It used to belong to several noble families and served as the guard of the Southern border. Its architecture has some Gothic and Renaissance features as well because of the many centuries it has been under reconstruction. Today it is open to public as a museum and many events such as Children’s Day, concerts, jousts and festivals are still organized which makes the castle a main attraction of the region.

What kind of attractions the castle has?
Wine Museum
Castle Chapel
Renaissance furniture exhibition
Medieval military exhibition
History of the Castle exhibition
World War I and II exhibition
Croatian and Serbian minority exhibition
The dungeons
Prison and torture chambers

What I liked the most about the Castle of Siklós?
I personally liked the medieval dresses that were exhibited on the wax figures everywhere in the castle. I liked them so much I’m considering a whole blog post only for those dresses. I also liked the fact that the castle has many signs and instructions to get to know more about Hungarian history.

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