Thai ice cream

Although thai ice cream existed since 2009 it only became known worldwide in 2015 when videos about the preparation process hit millions of views on Instagram. It is also called stir-fried ice cream or ice cream rolls and is handmade by using a big ice grill. First of all milk is poured on the grill with the chosen ingredients, then the maker start mixing the whole thing together. He has to be fast, because the milk starts to freeze. At the end he smears the whole cream and makes small rolls from it.

I tried thai ice cream for the very first time last week, when I went to Fluffy in Szeged with great excitement. When you enter the place, you have a lot of options to choose from. First of all, the base milk can be normal, lactose-free, fat-reduced or cocoa. After that you have to choose maximum 3 tastes to your ice cream. The variety is wide: fruit, everything chocolate or cookie related and cottage cheese. I myself chose the diabetes menu: Oreos, Kinder Bueno and Nutella. On top I chose caramel sauce.
All together I found thai ice cream very tasty and a perfect treat on summer days.

Fluffy Szeged (Instagram)
Fluffy Szeged (Facebook)

Click on the video to see how thai ice cream is made:

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