I’m starting a new series about beauty product brands. To give a better picture about the brands I’m going to choose at least 3 products every time I test one. Our first guest is Catrice. Let me state at the beginning that this is not a sponsored post.

Where is Catrice coming from?
The brand was founded by Christina Oster-Daum in 2004 in Germany and her mission was to ‘to prove it’s possible to create an innovative brand of luxury-inspired makeup at excellent prices’. Catrice became very worldwide ever since, because they are selling the products in more than 50 countries (mostly in Europe, but also in Asia, Africa and America). It’s also important to know that the company doesn’t allow to test their products on animals.

How did I meet the products?
In this case I met them at the Daalarna Fashion Show where Catrice had a fun ‘Wheel of fortune’, where you had to spin and then got a product. I liked that game a lot and then I also found products in my goodie bag at the end of the show.
I noticed that recently Catrice often participates in these kind of actions to spread their products which I like a lot because this way you can test their items to decide whether you like them or not.

What kind of products did I buy?

Glam & Doll False Lashes Mascara 010 Black
First of all I want to call your attention to the design of this mascara, because it’s very pretty and feminine. Its brush has a bent shape I favour. This way you can use the longer ones for your upper eyelashes and the shorter ones for your lower ones. The product has a strong and long lasting black colour which I tasted during my vacation to Zadar. It was easy to apply and have nothing bad to say about it.

ICONails Gel Lacquer 06 Nails on fire
When sandal weather kicks in I always paint my toenails bright red to feel like a seductive Parisian lady. I immediately tried this polish and was very satisfied with it. It has two tops which makes the inside come out way harder. The item has the exact shade I like and it stayed on for a very long time even though I didn’t use a nail polish cover.

Velvett Matt Smokey Eyes Pencil Blue
First of all I have to state that I have brown eyes that doesn’t really match blue eyeliner, but as I said before this was a free item. Secondly so far all of my eyeliners came of because I blink (but I have to!), so I’m anticipating 2-3 hours from them. The item pulled through that criterium.

Would I buy a Catrice make up item again?
In general I think Catrice makes good quality products in a great price and I would buy a new item with no regrets. I especially liked the nail polish.

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