I feel pretty

‘I have a crazy idea, let’s be honest for a minute. No matter how many times we hear, “It’s what’s on the inside that matters,” women know deep down it’s what’s on the outside that the whole world judges.’ /Renee Barrett in I feel pretty/

What is this movie about?
Renee  Barrett (played by Amy Schumer), a woman who has problems with her looks falls off her bike at spinning class, hits her head and suddenly she sees herself as a beautiful lady. That seems to open a lot of doors for her and changes her love life and job as well.

What kind of question does the movie raise?
What is beauty?
How does our looks affect our lives?
Can we achieve everything with confidence? 

What did I like about this movie?
I already loved the trailer when I saw it, because I think it discusses a very important topic about our appearance. Today’s world want women to be perfect. At work, as a mother, as a lover and we should make it look effortless. Be sporty and healthy but don’t sweat. Be the best at your job but you must have other things in your life or you will be called a workaholic. And the list goes on for a long time. I love the take-home message of this movie. That is without any spoiler to accept and love yourself no matter what.

To whom I would recommend it? 
Basically to every single women on Earth. And to the men who wants to understand them.

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