Marc Jacob teaches fashion design

‘My grandmother would buy me Vogue, French Vogue sometimes if I was really lucky and I was just whirling through these images. That was my first introduction to fashion…
I’m not recommending you to cut school and to go to trunk shows or fashion shows but I did a little bit of that when I was younger too. I’m sharing what I know. I hope that it will inspire you to create and express yourself through fashion. I will be discussing things I wish I knew starting out. The heart of my class is sharing the technical process. Once in a while it’s a fabric that inspires the dress and other times it’s the dress we want to make inspires the fabric. The runway show is very important to me. You can transmit not only ideas of that texture and proportion but also about spirit and emotion.
I was brought into Louis Vuitton to shake things up and it didn’t always sit with the people who were there before me. A lot of ideas that I had early on, I was told: You can’t put this on the runway. And it really was when I stopped listening to everybody and did what I thought was right, that I was brought in to do. I personally feel good when I take a risk, I’m proud of myself when I take a chance and I think you should too. I hope you’ll learn fashion is not art, it’s the art of living. See what you really love and what you feel you have some kind of connection to. Create your own voice, your own vision, your own style. Taking creative risks is what fashion is about.’ /Marc Jacobs/

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