Where is Nivea coming from?
Nivea is a German brand that is owned by the Beiersdorf AG which was founded in 1890 by pharmacist Paul Carl Beiersdorf. The company is responsible for the discovery of Eucerit in 1900, an emulsifying agent that became the basis of the Nivea Creme in 1911.  The iconic blue packaging of the item was introduced in 1925.
The Beiersdorf company also owns Eucerin, Hansplast and Labello.

How did I meet the products?
I think everybody has met them throughout their lives, they are so popular. I remember my parents using the original Nivea Creme before going to sleep. Since I am a doctor, I have to disinfect my hands many times during the day and it gets very dry, so skincare is very important to me. 

What kind of products did I buy?

Nivea Creme
I always have one a jar of this creme and I use it for my hands and feet every night before going to sleep. I use it only that time of the day when I’m not going to touch anything else, because it’s so rich in ingredients that it takes more time for it to absorp. It takes good care of my damaged limbs.

Protect & Care anti-perspirant
I always struggled with finding the perfect deodorant, because some of them dry my skin very much, or some of the just don’t work properly and even discolour my clothes. This deodorant was made from the classis Nivea Creme, so it has a familiar and great smell and the product is the best one I have ever used.

Care Intensive Nourishment
I first got this one from my best friend. As I was opening it, I immediately thought that a product that has such a rich texture will definitely leave a sticky feeling but it didn’t. I use it after having a shower and it hydrates my skin for a very long time.

Would I buy Nivea products again?
I already am a regular buyer of the products because when it comes to skincare for me, it has to be Nivea.

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